Skirting Around Monsoons, Stylishly!

Hullo!Hullo!Hullo! Thats my hello with a hug in it! How you all doing? Having a good time?  Happy to be back and talking to you all. We, in India are enjoying the monsoon spell of rains with unyielding humidity, of course! I have been busy with work, making a life, trying to be optimistic…. well you get the drift! But most of all I have been waiitng to write to you all…..
How many of you feel you are stuck up with something, whereas you belong somewhere else? From what i have realised about myself, I am pretty sure my passion lies with fashion. Speaking about it, thinking about how I can style something…that sort of a thing!Even though I am doing it, I am doing it on a very small scale…

So lets get started with what I like doing best- speaking of a new way in which style matters to me!

Before we begin, we stick to the ritual of sharing something motivational!

So a lovely brown polka dot skirt paired with a beige top would conjur up different things in your imagination-but all great, I believe! So today I am going to be sharing my version of the two!
*Drum rolls Please*


A gorgeous way to dress up for an evening out, brunch or just drinks- this combination is classy! And Chic! And Feminine!

You can of course personalise the look! With wedges and your hair in a pony tail.Maybe braid them or a loose bun would give you that extra oomph, depending upon the occasion! Tremendously versatile, this look is sure to get those coveted ‘wows’ form everyone around you! Plus the colour palette is sober and chic!

Hope you enjoyed this lovely combination! Write to me, leave your comments, send your love!
See you soon!!
Until Next Time
Love n Light!
Navi xx

Top: Dorothy Perkins  Skirt: Zara  Footwear: New Look



How to go for Colour Blocking in Winters!

Hello my amazin’ readers! Christmas is around the corner and its holiday season! With so much festivity and celebration in the air, one does catch on the vibe. Winter is nature’s way of nourishing the soul, providing some quiet in the otherwise chaos! Not to mention, its the perrrrfect time to don bright, soul-stirring colors which you’d otherwise give a miss on non-wintery days! So winters is basically all about outrageous fashion choices and your experiments with style. There are no rules, trust me…. only the one you makes for yourself!

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

Colour Blocking is here to Stay!

What is better than wearing a single colour palatte is wearing two colours which bring out the best in each other. The rules of winter colour blockin are pretty much similar to the ones in summer, though I would advise you to stay away from pastel colour blocking in winters. Pastels are amazin in summers but they tend to make you look dull in winters!

Powder Blue sweater & Rust pants

Ink Blue Chunky Traditional Neckpiece

Also a new Hair cut amps up things!

Bottle green pumps to swish it all!

Hope you guys liked my idea of colour blocking!(And my new hair cut)! Tell me in the comments below!

mazel tov!

Navi xx


Print on Print is a nuanced style of dressing up. It has the potential to go awfully wrong if not done keeping in mind the right proportions. I know I am sounding pretty calculative here, but honestly pairing prints is a calculative risk. The key to doing it right is balance! Yep, the yin and yang of style karma has to be kept in mind for a clean, polished look!

Well, for the faint-hearted, there are some combinations which never go wrong( not forgetting the balance though!). Stripes and checks, polkas and stripes, polkas and florals……. If done in the right proportion, these combinations are never gonna let your fashion game down!

So today’s look is all about fresh, soothing print on print game, which in this case happens to be a floral & stripes combo! I have tried to keep the look fuss free by using a single color palette for the combination to appear more put together! I chose the color Blue for its vibrancy and crisp-ness, with a slight contrast in the baby pink pumps!

Even though this style screams summer, there is absolutely no harm in trying it out for Autumn/Fall brunches!

Come on in then……





Tell me the comments below, your take on print on print!


Top: Stalk Buy Love, Trousers: Zara, Pumps: Zara

#zara #stalkbuylove

Lets talk about Brunch Fashion!


How are you doin?

Brunches are my therapeutic eating outings. You catch up with your girlfriends, at the most convenient possible time, gossip your heart away, eat to your soul’s fill and dress pretty! You see, its such a win win situation out there. You can exchange notes with your girls on your wardrobe, your styling, the latest shopping sprees, the newest coffee shops, click millions of selfies, post snaps and just be your fashionable, lovely self!

So I have put together 3 different looks for that perfect brunchin’ date with your bestie for you to shine through those lovely Instagram posts! 😉

 Keep scrolling to find out what they are……


                                              Think Pink

     So this over sized  ZARA deep pink Top is a complete piece of style statement in itself. Pair with with leggings, trousers, jeggings or shorts and you are so ready to go! I love the turquoise earrings which sorta set this look in a contrasting canvas. Baby pink pumps are added for subtlety to the look!




                                         Think Stripes

 Stripes are such a versatile area of design. They can make anyone look proper and pretty. This one shoulder blue striped top from KOOVS complements pink pumps and white denims. The make up is subtle with some mascara and soft pink lips to put you in perspective.



                                          Think Florals

Girls and Florals are a match made in designer heaven. You cannot, cannot go wrong with florals on a brunch date. This lovely multi coloured Maxi dress which I got from FOREVER 21( shopping heaven, IKR!) has been paired with a pastel pink summer blazer for an untiringly polished look.




So these were some of my favourite brunch looks. Leave a comment below to let me know how you liked it!

love and love


The Knight of Sartorial Elegance!

Hello everyone!! How you doing?

Diving head first into the post, without any ado today. I am here to talk about this beautiful, versatile piece of clothing which manages to wash away all my blues, whenever I am in a fix over what to wear. You know those days, when you open your closet and you stare into the blacks of nothingness?! Those times when in spite of a closet full of random clothes, choice offers no respite and you groan at the misery of having to look for the perfect piece to wear? When minutes melt into hours and days of searching for “what should I wear dilemmas”! I know, I know…We have all been to that sartorial abyss infinite times. Worry not my lovelies, for I have found just the perfect contender to put you out of your misery and confusion. It is what I call the Knight of Sartorial Elegance!

(Drum Rolls please…….. ta-dum-ta dum ta-dum!!!)

JUMPSUITS……. Ladies and Gentlemen…. This multifaceted, multi-talented, flexible all rounder beauty of an attire! I am here to sweep you off your charms with this amazing invention called the Jumpsuit! In all honesty, Jumpsuits are such saviors.  I mean, look at this-which garment gives you the flexibility of trousers and a top, all put together? Its twice the amount of awesomeness. Look at it this way- It gives you the same elegance as a dress would give, but also gives you the security and comfort of trousers! What more can one ask for, really! It is such a put together look that can never go wrong(except if you want it to go wrong…with all the over accessorising and ill fits, you know what I  mean!).

Of course,I shall give you a few tips on how to channelise that inner diva in a jumpsuit. So here they are:

  1. Look for jumpsuits with the proportional placing of the seams. If the seam is placed way too many inches above your navel, it’ll end up looking super ill-fitted. Now if the seam is placed way below the navel, the form will end up looking baggy. So the trick to a well fitted jumpsuit is the seam-which should be placed slightly above the navel for the perfect fit.
  2. With flowy bottomed jumpsuits, make sure that the maximum length is up till the ankles for a more consummate look.
  3. Also to add more grace to a flowy bottomed jumpsuit, wear heels. For a pant like jumpsuit, both heels and flats can work absolutely right!
  4. PLEASE make sure you follow the cardinal rule of accessorising, with either statement earrings or necklaces-never both!

Of course, You can work your way around the Jumpsuit to create looks depending upon the time of the day and occasion. I prefer flats and minimal make up/accessories for a well polished day look and well- there is no stopping for an evening one! What a beauty it is to live in times where you can experiment and personalise fashion! Bring it on people!

So Scroll down to see my Tryst with Jumpsuits. Let me know what are your thoughts on it.

Happy Reading lovelies!

love and sunshine