How to Beat the Heat this Summer! *Speaking Stylishly, Of Course*

Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal!Hope you doing great! Making the most of a long, dry sunny spell, are we? First things first, there is no magical way to beat the heat, unless you carry a permanent air conditioning system around you 24*7 or live in the Ice Age! We are simple talking about taking summers head on in a stylish frame of mind- hassle free, chic and effortless!
So are you with me??
Lets get started….

Keeping the tradition alive, sharing a quote/mantra for you to continue being the rockstar you are!

Well, according to me, the best way to stay cool in this dreary weather, when you are forever pining for rains, is wearing comfortable clothes! Trust me, comfort is the first rule of fashion. If you aren’t comfy, it will show right through a million dollar outfit you are wearing! Stay stylish, but not at cost of comfort and this philosophy could not hold more relevance in any other weather than summers!

Well, hot pants/shorts/skorts are your answer to beating the heat this summer! And who says it has to be boring or casual? Dress up like there is no tomorrow! A cutesy lil floral number paired with hot pink hot pants are amped up with muted gold footwear! Is there anything else you need to add to the look? NOPE!

Of course, you can add your charm, personal style and that wonderful smile of yours to it! And trust me, nobody can replicate your magic!

That is all for now! I hope you all liked this fun and flirty way of dressing up! If you did, write to me and if you did not, write to me your suggestions!

Until Next Time,
Love n Light! xx
Top: New Look,  Hot Pants: Local Store,  Footwear: H&M


Cold Shoulder Done Right!

Hello you lovely souls!

The beautiful monsoons lashing against my windowpanes are making me sit still in my room. What better time to write my blog, I ponder! So here I am putting my fashion grey cells to use with the flurrying speed of the internet.

I shall be writing about my favourite Cold Shoulder look today. I mean there are so, so many ways you can rock the Cold Shoulder trend-its no joke, trust me. With enormous help from my instinct department, I have decided to zero down to that 1 look that make me the happiest. Its simple, its pretty and its so personal that anyone can embrace it!

So here it is…. Cold Shoulder done Right! 😉




This is my favourite floral Cold Shoulder top, which brings together two of my most loved looks- Florals & Cold Shoulder( Duh! What else?!) Paired simply with blue denims and muted gold ballerinas, this is a complete brunch, movie, date, evening-out look in itself!





So lemme know through your comments, how you liked it!

Keep Shining


3 Colour Block ideas for the Vibrant One!

Hello loves!

Oh! What would life be without Colour? Vibrant, rich hues that add sparkle to your soul every now and then! I am big digger of colours of all sorts. I mean I have my momemts with the blacks and whites but I live for colours! Rich Reds and perfect pinks, yummy yellows and blazing blues……. Glowing greens and pretty purples, I can go and on with adoring them!

So I decided to explore pitting colours against each other for this post. Colour Blocking is THE styling idea for you, if you are a big fan of experimenting with colours and just can’t get enough of them!

So my lovely readers, keep scrolling for the 3 Colour Blocking looks that I have put together for you all……







Red and Baby Blue! Sparkling from the word go! I paired my red bell sleeved top with baby blue pants from ZARA , with muted gold ballerinas from DOROTHY PERKINS. Smokey eyes and Nude lips and I am good to go!






Love these Blush pants from FOREVER 21 ,which are so versatile-they can be paired with so many colours! For this look I decided to put my bottle green DOROTHY PERKINS top to bring out the best in both the colours! Needless to say, I loved it!






This vine ESPRIT satin blouse is so dreamy and gives a super regal look on its own. I chanced upon this ruffled hem pale pink skirt lying absolutely ignored in my closet( talk about the flip side of having wayy too many clothes!) and decided to shimmy it a bit by pairing it with vine blouse. Trust me, I am still marveling at the results! 😉

I hope you liked these combinations. Do write me, or leave your comments below about how you feel!

hugs & kisses


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How to Embrace the Bardot!

Hello my beautiful souls!

Before you get all worked up trying to decipher ‘The Bardot’, lemme tell you its just a more proper way of saying ‘off-shoulder’! Now you know 😉

Now off shoulder or as I pretend to be more prim, The Bardot is one of the most sexiest ways of styling up! It lets you flaunt your sexy neckline in the most appealing way possible. It speaks of a woman who is so in control of her appeal and sexuality and yet with its care-free, BOHO vibe, it lets her embrace her wild side! She bares her shoulders to bare her individuality!

So I have put together THREE of my favourites Bardot/Off Shoulder looks for you all.. Keep scrolling to see what they are….





 Wild Child

So I paired this beautiful striped black ZARA Bardot Top with flared rust trousers from DOROTHY PERKINS, just to contrast the whole look( I am BIG fan of contrasts! It lets me play around so much!). And I took the liberty of adding bottle green FOREVER 21 pumps just to push the contrast a bit further!





         Take me back to the 40’s

This lovely Bardot dress from DOROTHY PERKINS is an absolute stunner! I love how its just the perfect fit for a glam night out or a party! I adore how these dull metallic pumps from ZARA liven up the whole look!





 Fresh Flowers

One of my favourite looks. Its so easy to pull off this amazing lace Bardot top from FOREVER 21 with a pair of jeans and ballerinas! Its your go to look for a movie outing or a long drive and even for those special evening drinks!

So I hoped you enjoyed these looks. Let me know through your comments how you liked them!

love xx

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A Mid Summer Night’s Dream- II

HOLAA my precious readers!

Hope you are all living it up in style and spirit!!

My last post was all about childhood memories and nostalgia and of course, the feelings are so varied and wide that one post does not do justice to the gamut of emotions that swirl around me whenever I choose to reflect upon them.

I would naturally want to explain the connection between these memories and dressing up to thematize these posts. So, I’ve always experienced some strong emotional connect with my surroundings and my memory when I dress up a certain way. It could just be a rush of emotions that cling on to you every time you put on a certain perfume or a pair of shoes. I believe that experiencing emotions is a karmatic process which could be triggered by anything or anyone you feel closely connected to, and hence for me the idea of clothes and the way I style them creates associations and sentiments.

My childhood is my happy place( and i am sure for you as well), its my treasure trove of uninhabited happiness. It seeks out to me as much I seek out to it!

This post, like the one before this, is a reflection of my sentiments associated with my childhood dreams. They live in me creating hope, love and magic whenever I reach out to them!!

Take a back seat and enjoy the memory of your own glorious years through my eyes!

Happy reading.

love xx