The Never Ending Charm of Maxi Dresses!

Hello you wonderful people! How you all doing? Plenty of reasons to be happy and joyous, I hope! Also hoping that you are finding little joys everyday that add to big happiness! For those of us waiting for big moments to fill up our days with bliss, let me tell you the futility of the exercise! It never is the big ones and it never comes along….. you always happen to find love and joy and contentment in the most basic of things and thoughts!

Hope that is a good thought to start reading this post further! Lol
Before we begin a small visual thought to keep you afloat!


I am sure like me, many of you are always confused about what you like better: Mini dresses, Midi Dresses or Maxi Dresses! Well its no crime to like all three equally! Since I spoke about a ‘cute as button mini dress’ in my last post, I decided to show some love to Maxi Dresses! So here I am…..

This floral number is a perfect fit for beach soirees, brunches, house parties, evening outs- basically for everything! It is a strappy number which fits like a glove! It has a buttoned detail on the front and a tie up system at the back!

I have tried to keep the accessories minimal, with just a pair of large hoops to complete the look… Not even wearing any footwear in this shoot, but you can always go for a pair of tie ups, sandals or even stilettos depending upon the occasion! Make up as usual, with me is soft, glowy and fresh!

I hope you liked my take on Maxi dresses! Of course, It can be personalised as per your wish, so keep experimenting!
Until next time,
Love n Light!
xx Navi!

Dress: From a local shop in Chandigarh


How to Beat the Heat this Summer! *Speaking Stylishly, Of Course*

Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal!Hope you doing great! Making the most of a long, dry sunny spell, are we? First things first, there is no magical way to beat the heat, unless you carry a permanent air conditioning system around you 24*7 or live in the Ice Age! We are simple talking about taking summers head on in a stylish frame of mind- hassle free, chic and effortless!
So are you with me??
Lets get started….

Keeping the tradition alive, sharing a quote/mantra for you to continue being the rockstar you are!

Well, according to me, the best way to stay cool in this dreary weather, when you are forever pining for rains, is wearing comfortable clothes! Trust me, comfort is the first rule of fashion. If you aren’t comfy, it will show right through a million dollar outfit you are wearing! Stay stylish, but not at cost of comfort and this philosophy could not hold more relevance in any other weather than summers!

Well, hot pants/shorts/skorts are your answer to beating the heat this summer! And who says it has to be boring or casual? Dress up like there is no tomorrow! A cutesy lil floral number paired with hot pink hot pants are amped up with muted gold footwear! Is there anything else you need to add to the look? NOPE!

Of course, you can add your charm, personal style and that wonderful smile of yours to it! And trust me, nobody can replicate your magic!

That is all for now! I hope you all liked this fun and flirty way of dressing up! If you did, write to me and if you did not, write to me your suggestions!

Until Next Time,
Love n Light! xx
Top: New Look,  Hot Pants: Local Store,  Footwear: H&M

Floral Shirts and their Unending Charm!

Howdy! How you all doing? Keeping it awesome, are we?!So it has started to get warm in the days, with a slight nip in the evening air….classic transition from spring to summers! What a beautiful, welcome change from winters!How are you all coping up with your side of the world?

If there is one style/print which DEFINES this transition- its FLORALS! And today I am going to be talking specifically about them! They are charming, feminine, nature oriented and super fresh! Its almost like they grow into your mood and start defining it. You know that feeling when you FEEL floral, rather than just wear it? You get it, right!

But before I show you this lovely floral styling which marks the beginning of my summer soiree….. I have to share something which inspires me, hopin it does the same for you….

I Went Through One Of The Hardest And Worst Situations -

So here is my gorgeous floral spring/summer take, doing wonders for me! Have a look!

This absolutely stunning floral diva from ZARA charmed me no end, when I first saw it! I had to have it! Its a chiffon number with a supple, light feel which almost caresses your body! Paired with simple blue jeans from Zara, I rounded off the look with burgundy pumps from FOREVER 21!

 For once I thought I’d go with a bit of dramatic make up, cuz frankly fresh, minimal touch got a little too much! But you can keep it minimalistic-aly dewy for a day look, since this appears more like an evening style! Bright red, arresting lips and not too heavy on the eyes seemed perfect to me!

Hope it got a thumbs up from you guys!! Write to me if it did!
I shall be back super soon with another piece of my fashion crazy mind!

Until, then

love n light

Navi XX

That GO-TO BLUE Number!

Hey you all amazing people! The weather in this part of the Northern Hemisphere is slowly beginning to show the Autumn Colours! (Fall for my friends in the US) The rich delicacy of the Autumn winds is brewing with full gusto, and yet we are caught right in the middle. You know, when its summers in the mornings and (almost) winters in the evenings! Talk about beautiful contradictions!

Well the weather aside, I am going to be talking about this beautiful Cobalt Blue Dress that I happened to purchase online a couple of years backs, yet it still freshens my looks, no matter how many times I wear it! A lovely DOROTHY PERKINS made, this calf length dress is a perfect fit, with a beautiful neckline. Its a great option for a business meeting, brunch date or evening drinks and the colour is absolutely flattering!

So as always, let me take you through the look one by one…….. Come on in….








See you soon my lovelies!!

Stay happy and in Love


#dorothyperkins #zara

Kiss me Hard before you go…. Summertime Sadness!

Helllooo Lovelies! Hows your sunday comin along? Are doing something fun or are you taking a backseat and letting the universe do the talking?

Well I am definitely not relying on the universe to get on with my next post. I mean when you gotta post, you gotta post!

So this one post I have been meaning to bring to you guys since ages, but somehow I think now is the right time to talk about it, just when the last dregs of summer are giving way to the autumn wilderness!

Speaking of summer specials, this season I developed a rather striking taste for the CITRINE HUES.  I am officially a fan! What a pretty range of colours!




So in this post I am going to speak about this sexy little citrus dress which I got from FOREVER 21 and I haven’t stopped gushing about it ever since! You don’t believe me? Have a look……




This strappy satin citrus FOREVER 21 dress is an ease to carry off! Its not clingy and gives you just the right amount of sex appeal to personalise it! I paired this dress with my muted gold ZARA pumps for a subtle look. You can go bold by pairing it up with  tangerine or burgandy or even bottle green!  Trust me the colour is a treat to the eyes!!







Hope you enjoyed the look as much as I did! Lemme know in the comments below how you feel about it!



Dress: FOREVER 21, Pumps: Zara

#forever21 #zara



Kiss Me Polka!

There is nothing a healthy dose of Polkas cannot fix! Today I am going to be talking about how refreshingly charming wearing polka dots can be! I am pretty sure each one of us has worn some version of it at some point or the other. With me, the obsession flatly refuses to die down!

Polkas scream merry, happy-go-lucky- young vibes! They also speak class when done classily! Of course, they are retro, all things nice and fun. I believe its a super stylish tribute to the 60’s

FUN FACT: Polka dots were traditionally used in the clothing of flamenco dancers and performers! Howzzat!!




This navy cold shoulder polka dress is a lovely purchase. Navy, so like Black is such a flattering colour; it looks great on everybody! For this look, I decided to go all contrast-y with tangerine pumps from DORORTHY PERKINS!






Tell me your Polka dots stories in the comments below!


#dorothyperkins #jabong

Cold Shoulder Done Right!

Hello you lovely souls!

The beautiful monsoons lashing against my windowpanes are making me sit still in my room. What better time to write my blog, I ponder! So here I am putting my fashion grey cells to use with the flurrying speed of the internet.

I shall be writing about my favourite Cold Shoulder look today. I mean there are so, so many ways you can rock the Cold Shoulder trend-its no joke, trust me. With enormous help from my instinct department, I have decided to zero down to that 1 look that make me the happiest. Its simple, its pretty and its so personal that anyone can embrace it!

So here it is…. Cold Shoulder done Right! 😉




This is my favourite floral Cold Shoulder top, which brings together two of my most loved looks- Florals & Cold Shoulder( Duh! What else?!) Paired simply with blue denims and muted gold ballerinas, this is a complete brunch, movie, date, evening-out look in itself!





So lemme know through your comments, how you liked it!

Keep Shining