How to Beat the Heat this Summer! *Speaking Stylishly, Of Course*

Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal!Hope you doing great! Making the most of a long, dry sunny spell, are we? First things first, there is no magical way to beat the heat, unless you carry a permanent air conditioning system around you 24*7 or live in the Ice Age! We are simple talking about taking summers head on in a stylish frame of mind- hassle free, chic and effortless!
So are you with me??
Lets get started….

Keeping the tradition alive, sharing a quote/mantra for you to continue being the rockstar you are!

Well, according to me, the best way to stay cool in this dreary weather, when you are forever pining for rains, is wearing comfortable clothes! Trust me, comfort is the first rule of fashion. If you aren’t comfy, it will show right through a million dollar outfit you are wearing! Stay stylish, but not at cost of comfort and this philosophy could not hold more relevance in any other weather than summers!

Well, hot pants/shorts/skorts are your answer to beating the heat this summer! And who says it has to be boring or casual? Dress up like there is no tomorrow! A cutesy lil floral number paired with hot pink hot pants are amped up with muted gold footwear! Is there anything else you need to add to the look? NOPE!

Of course, you can add your charm, personal style and that wonderful smile of yours to it! And trust me, nobody can replicate your magic!

That is all for now! I hope you all liked this fun and flirty way of dressing up! If you did, write to me and if you did not, write to me your suggestions!

Until Next Time,
Love n Light! xx
Top: New Look,  Hot Pants: Local Store,  Footwear: H&M


Summer Fresh- Bit of Tangerine and Lots of Stripes!

Hello my precious darlings!!! So,so, so good to be writing to you all after ages! I am so sorry for being MIA, but trust me occupied with so much the moment! Anyways, here I am…. with a fresh take on summer fashion, when actually half the summer has gone by!

So as usual, starting my write up with a nice picture,sourced through Pinterest!


So this look that I am going to be talking about/showing you is simple, breezy and winsome(like all others!) A tangerine spaghetti top, paired with a contrasting blue&white striped flared cotton trousers,with a dash of white stilettos!You can work it for a brunch/lunch/drinks date…basically whichever way you want!

About the hairdo and makeup- you can keep it natural, fresh and radiant with bare minimum products. I probably used a BB cream or a foundation, some concealer, lots of mascara and a neutral lip colour. As always I like my hair fuss free and smooth. You can go for a nice, perky pony tail look with this, which is definitely going to amp up the look, plus brownie points for the comfort!


I hope you enjoyed the look, and trust me when I say fuss free, it actually is! And super stylish, nevertheless!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Happy Summering, my friends! See you soon!
Love xx


Top: Dorothy Perkins, Pants: Zara,  Stilettoes:Look

The Subtle Art of Layerin’

Hello my beautiful readers! Enjoying your days in the warm winter sun?! Meanwhile I have been busy dressing up for the wedding season,which BTW is on its peak in this side of the country. I know I should be writing about that too…well later, maybe?

So winters is mostly about layering, right?!  I mean you’ve got truckloads of warm vests, sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts and jackets and scarfs and you still feel cold! But nevertheless you pile on in hope of that one snuggly feeling, down there hidden beneath those multiple layers and still want to look like a million bucks?! Fret not, layering isn’t rocket science- it’s a beautiful art of bringing together independent pieces from your wardrobe and make it work like a team! More like a Mood Board of sorts!

My post today is not an entirely winter-esque idea, its more of an Autumn-leading-to-winter-mornings-kinda sensibility. I have this lovely, lovely multi-coloured long, front buttoned shrug(can also be used as Maxi dress on occasions.. YAYYY!!) which I probably bought from an online store in China, on a whim! So this shrug turned out to be just the right idea for a layering post. Keeping the rest of my look simple, singular coloured, I’ll show you how I worked around with this shrug. Of course, I threw in a bit of colour through my shoes, like always, cuz why not!

So come one, lets have a look at what I have for you guys……..







Hope you guys enjoyed this look! Let me know how you liked it through your comments!

Un till next time…..

love and luck!




Black Ganji: Zara,  Jeans: Zara,  Pumps: Forever 21, Neckpiece: Vero Moda

#forver21 #zara #veromoda


Its amazing how the world of styling picks up hints from the conveniences of everyday life and transforms dressing up. Creativity operates in forms and structures which cannot be curtailed in the scope of imagination alone!

If I have to pick out one piece of clothing which towers above all, it would be JUMPSUITS for me! Fuss free, versatile and super appealing-Jumpsuits are life hacks! And to just think of the many, many ways you can style a Jumpsuit is no joke.

Since Jumpsuits give a relaxed, laid back vibe essentially, I decided to make them a little more formal and assertive by putting together a Jumpsuit and a  SUMMER JACKET. And boy! It does complete justice to the phrase POWER DRESSING!

So the star of this post is a lovely rust maroon printed jumpsuit which I got from my favourite store FOREVER 21( no prizes for guessing this one!). Its a great cotton based summer wear, spaghetti strapped jumpsuit which is so casual, I could literally live in it. To make things a bit more fun and chic, I added a Blush Summer satin jacket, simply b’cuz I adore contrasts! And the result is for you all to see……





Hope you all liked this look. Comment below and let me know your take on it!

See you guys super soon

hugs and kisses


How to Ace Prints together!

Most of us like to take it easy when pairing two prints together. I know the idea of putting together two different prints sounds chaotic and overbearing, but it necessarily doesn’t have to be so! Print on Print is such a versatile way of dressing up- I mean you can show off two of your favourite prints in one go… ( if that isn’t incredible, I don’t know what is!)

So to give you all a fair idea for starters, I have decided to address this issue head on. One doesn’t need to be as scared of prints you know! There are certain looks which look great when done together. For instance Polkas and Stripes look lovely together and so do Florals and Polkas. For that matter even Stripes and Polkas work very well together!

For this post I went with something slightly different yet basic! See for yourself….




Checks and Stripes

Pairing checks and stripes is the most non-fussy way to wear print on print. Also it goes a long way to say that this combination is a classic. Since my pairing was grounded in a dark zone, I decided to brighten the look with Burgundy Pumps from FOREVER 21 and a mysteriously vibed burgundy lippy!




Hope you all liked my take on the print/print look! Let me know in the comments below..

lov n light



Top: Local store, Pants: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Forever 21

#forever21 #dorothyperkins


Kiss Me Polka!

There is nothing a healthy dose of Polkas cannot fix! Today I am going to be talking about how refreshingly charming wearing polka dots can be! I am pretty sure each one of us has worn some version of it at some point or the other. With me, the obsession flatly refuses to die down!

Polkas scream merry, happy-go-lucky- young vibes! They also speak class when done classily! Of course, they are retro, all things nice and fun. I believe its a super stylish tribute to the 60’s

FUN FACT: Polka dots were traditionally used in the clothing of flamenco dancers and performers! Howzzat!!




This navy cold shoulder polka dress is a lovely purchase. Navy, so like Black is such a flattering colour; it looks great on everybody! For this look, I decided to go all contrast-y with tangerine pumps from DORORTHY PERKINS!






Tell me your Polka dots stories in the comments below!


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M in love with an Uptown Girl!


The iconic French designer Yves Saint Laurent fittingly remarked:

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

In a world full of fashion ideas, not everyone remains a classic. The expectations to stay afloat on the fashion tides often drown more people than one can imagine. Therefore it is so so important to cultivate a personal style which is the ultimate life jacket!

Speaking of classics, Olivia Palermo is one of my absolute favourites! She is the ultimate style mood-board! Give her a sack and she’ll make it trend, yep-that’s Olivia Palermo. I mean that woman DOES NOT  have a bad day at fashion. She rocks the term fashion plate!

So my lovelies, here she is…. the ever-so-lovely Olivia Palermo!












Tell me in the comments below, who your fashion favourites are!!