How to Beat the Heat this Summer! *Speaking Stylishly, Of Course*

Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal!Hope you doing great! Making the most of a long, dry sunny spell, are we? First things first, there is no magical way to beat the heat, unless you carry a permanent air conditioning system around you 24*7 or live in the Ice Age! We are simple talking about taking summers head on in a stylish frame of mind- hassle free, chic and effortless!
So are you with me??
Lets get started….

Keeping the tradition alive, sharing a quote/mantra for you to continue being the rockstar you are!

Well, according to me, the best way to stay cool in this dreary weather, when you are forever pining for rains, is wearing comfortable clothes! Trust me, comfort is the first rule of fashion. If you aren’t comfy, it will show right through a million dollar outfit you are wearing! Stay stylish, but not at cost of comfort and this philosophy could not hold more relevance in any other weather than summers!

Well, hot pants/shorts/skorts are your answer to beating the heat this summer! And who says it has to be boring or casual? Dress up like there is no tomorrow! A cutesy lil floral number paired with hot pink hot pants are amped up with muted gold footwear! Is there anything else you need to add to the look? NOPE!

Of course, you can add your charm, personal style and that wonderful smile of yours to it! And trust me, nobody can replicate your magic!

That is all for now! I hope you all liked this fun and flirty way of dressing up! If you did, write to me and if you did not, write to me your suggestions!

Until Next Time,
Love n Light! xx
Top: New Look,  Hot Pants: Local Store,  Footwear: H&M



Print on Print is a nuanced style of dressing up. It has the potential to go awfully wrong if not done keeping in mind the right proportions. I know I am sounding pretty calculative here, but honestly pairing prints is a calculative risk. The key to doing it right is balance! Yep, the yin and yang of style karma has to be kept in mind for a clean, polished look!

Well, for the faint-hearted, there are some combinations which never go wrong( not forgetting the balance though!). Stripes and checks, polkas and stripes, polkas and florals……. If done in the right proportion, these combinations are never gonna let your fashion game down!

So today’s look is all about fresh, soothing print on print game, which in this case happens to be a floral & stripes combo! I have tried to keep the look fuss free by using a single color palette for the combination to appear more put together! I chose the color Blue for its vibrancy and crisp-ness, with a slight contrast in the baby pink pumps!

Even though this style screams summer, there is absolutely no harm in trying it out for Autumn/Fall brunches!

Come on in then……





Tell me the comments below, your take on print on print!


Top: Stalk Buy Love, Trousers: Zara, Pumps: Zara

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Some Like it HOT!

Hello my beautiful readers! How are you all doing?

The weather in this beautiful kaleidoscope of a place called India has shunted on from summer heat to monsoon rains. One moment its hot and humid and the very next its pouring cats and their better halves! Its an everyday struggle against frizzy hair and chapped skin! The pouring Indian monsoon has many facets! The rains with their unsurpassable prowess fuel the monsoon fire with water and greens all around you. Its that time of the year when all living beings-humans, plants, birds and animals seem to be in some karmic unison to celebrate fertility and abundance! Oh! What a joy to be living through such cosmic moments!!

On a completely unrelated note, this post is about the power and elan of the color black! Widely regarded as a favorite amongst the inhabitants of planet earth, it is the go-to color for everyone, everywhere! Black is not a color, its an emotion! A powerful connection with the universe, black is the language of silence and stillness. It conveys so much by itself that it doesn’t require anything else. Black is strength and flamboyance. It is the coming together of all energies. Black is the body language of the cosmos!

The beauty of black is evident in the way it speaks to you. It absolves all irregularities and envelopes all body types. Black gives you the power to accept the way you are! All your body- type, wardrobe -doubts and personality-issues related queries are answered by this single mammoth entity.This is precisely the reason, so many, many people feel for the color black!

To me, the color black speaks glamour and eclat! I am yet to come across another color( with the slight exception of Burgundy) which does so much for me by just being itself! When in doubt, I wear black… so needless to say it evokes a super strong sense of confidence and vitality in me, which no other color does! I am a big fan!

So stay on to find out my all black take on dressing up(or down, you decide). I have taken the liberty to add a dash of color to paint my black dressing canvas, so excuse me! You can write to me about your experiences with black and how you prefer it! But guys, seriously give it up for this single piece of awesomeness, which in spite of  being black, colors our lives each time!

Cuz, you don’t wear black, Black wears you!!

until next time,

love, happiness and chocolate







Stop and Smell the Rose- II

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? We are all cruising along this one hell of a ride called life and just when you think you are surfing it like a pro..BAMMM!! It plunges you deep down! That is the beauty of it…. its full of unimaginable surprises. With its unmatched scope for catching you off guard in all its brilliance, Life feels like a canvas which can be drenched in the colors of strength and hope!!There are moments of unfathomable despair followed by instants of undiminished faith and in between all of this, tugging at that little corner of your heart is the essence of dream and instinct.

If I had to pick up one living quality which makes us divine, over and above everything, it’ll be instinct. The knack to feel something in all its surreality, to connect with your creator for a seraphic moment of decision and precision towers above everything else. Too long, we have relied on our instincts to create and savor happiness and yet we find it challenging now to allow ourselves this beautiful, fleeting feeling. We have ceased to be instinctive!

So when I decided to write this post and the one before this, I allowed my instincts to take over. I told myself that every once in a while, I need to Stop and Smell the Rose. With life, with relationships, with my choices and as with my style. The choice of picking up Maxi dresses as a blog post came to me instinctively in the sense of luxury this piece of clothing offers me with its draping and styling. It gives me the freedom to embrace my body beneath the very restriction it caters to. The freedom of being is instinctive, fantastic and far more precious than anything else. And how unreal it seems that a piece of clothing can allow you a feeling, a sensation which holds so much human value in it!

Without further ado, I give you the sense of completion of my instinctual style trip which the beloved Maxi Dresses. This half of the trip is centered in the beauty of the night, which to put in simply is …”How to Maxi dress up for an evening out!” Lol.

Cheers to spirit of being instinctive and following it!!

until next time,

love & peace





Stop and Smell the Rose.

Hello my beautiful readers!

Hope you are in the best of health and spirit! You know, how I always like to begin my posts with a bit of a soul talk, because that sorta makes me feel grounded and connected with you all. It is ,as if I am having a one on one conversation with each one of you! So I guess we are in a happy space that ways!

And now onto more specific things- such as the weather and its equivalent of dressing up? The desolate summer heat has given way to the vivacious monsoons in India. I am honestly amazed and humbled, to have been living in one of the most dynamic corners of the world The climatic sweep that this beautiful country experiences is truly unique. Just when you think, there is no end to the sultry Indian summer,Lo- the abundant monsoons come knocking at your doors!

So, along with the fables of fresh air and wanderings of the nurturing waters, the monsoons also bring humidity and the inherent mugginess. To put an end to the monsoon misery, I have the ultimate liberator..

(drum rolls please!!!!)


Maxi dresses are your best friends, saviors, humble blessings and man-Fridays, in the monsoons! Trust me when I say, they are versatile, efficient, jaunty and interesting. They can be dressed up or down, depending upon your mood and the occasion! Hence, to celebrate the productivity and of course the loyalty (cuz maxi dresses look good on everyone) of this humble piece of clothing(  cuz they don’t even speak up, when they are being misused as a night gown) I am dedicating this post, as well as the next one to these beauties!!! Also, this post is basically dealing with the whole ‘daytime Maxi dress styling’.




So, my lovely readers, I know you’ll be fighting the weather, the society and your inner demons, but that does not mean you don’t live it up! Once in a while, take time to Stop and Smell the Rose!

until next time,

love and live BIG!


A lot like Pretty Summer Dressing.

Hola people!

Hows life treating you all? Hope you are doing fabulously well in this beauty of a journey called life and even if you aren’t, that stubborn little heart of yours refuses to give up on the hope of beautiful days ahead!

What makes life fancy is the fact that you can choose to dress beautiful everyday, anyday and see the power it has to bring a smile to your soul! Summer is the season to experiment, go wild, take chances, wander, create magic and feel the power of sunshine in all its glory. Summer is the season to forget about the winter blues, to fulfill the promise of the spring and to look autumn in the eye and embrace it!

Summer is the reason to dress pretty! Dancing to tune of your heart, you let your steps skip a beat, you color your imagination with the oranges of the sky and greens of the earth, with blues of the water and yellows of those distant dreams!

Summer is the reason I decided to pull out my dresses and put together a few of my favourite looks to show you how wonderful it is to sing to the tune of your heart!

So, dream on this beautiful summer and let it wash away the scars of your soul!

Until next time!

love xxIMG_6632