Glam Up Desi Style!

Holaa! How you all keeping up? Existing or Enjoying? Well, since i am from India, we are putting up with a harsh, dry summer spell…. But we do have occasional spells of blissful rains, every once in a while! Although monsoon is just around the corner, you know how it feels like waiting for it……

So here I am, back with a new post! Well this one was shot sometime around Diwali(October) last year, but somehow missed posting it! Annnddd it is one of my favourite looks so I am pretty excited to share it with you all! Well its festive, glamorous and stunning!But before we begin, keeping up with the ritual, would love to share a nice, peppy thought with you… so it goes!

Coming back to my dress up post! This one is ethnic, but modern in its style! The colour is quite experimentative, but the over all look just sets it right(make up and accessories, of course)

*Drum Rolls please!!*

So this steel grey suit in itself is quite charming, but adorns a whole new direction when paired with pastel earrings and a nice bright lip colour! Even though the colour leans towards a shade of blue in the pictures, but trust me its more of a greyish-blue colour, with a very simple duppatta and not too heavy kameez!

well, the make up was bright and fresh- no too much work on the eyes, maybe loads of mascara-yes! A nice big red full lip(Mac Ruby Woo is an elixir, trust me)! Pastel jewelry, which I bought from an exhibition and a pair of nice bright red Punjabi Juttis/Mojaris! And you are good to go!

I hope you all liked this ethnic look! If you did, please show your love in the comments!
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Love n Light!
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Ethnic Meets Contemporary!

Hello My beautiful readers!  As Ned Stark( GAME OF THRONES FANDOM PLS!!)  religiously proclaimed ” WINTER IS COMING”, the woes of winter are finally upon us!!

Personally, I hate winters- I am a total, total summer/spring person. I am most uncomfortable with the layering part of winters, where no matter how much one piles on, you still end up shivering-so, basically what is the point, right?! Plus the weather is soul-crushingly grey, with perpetual longings for sunshine and warmth dictating my moods! You get the drift!

As it is I am a dreamer at heart, so every year when the winter sets in, I carry a bit of summer in my heart to keep me warm! Well, that’s me… So basically today’s post is going to be a gentle reminder of the lovely summers that are yet to come in our lives! So if you are an eternal, hopeless dreamer like me….read on!

There is something utterly delightful about being experimentative with traditional/ethnic wear. It brings a lot of character and novelty to the experience of dressing up, on the whole! The star of this post is a beautiful two piece garment, with a solid red maxi styled dress/inner and a printed jacket. Together, they spell magic. The fabric is spun cotton, super light and comfy and(trust me) the outfit flatters any body type!  The amazing part is, it can be styled anyways- modern meets traditional sense, uber contemporary or even in a delicately ethnical style! * Hello Super Versatile*

Rather than writing about how I styled this lovely outfit, I will show you…..(even better)

Keep scrolling folks!






I loved doing this boho traditional with a twist look! I hope you guys enjoyed it too! Let me know in the comments below,how you liked it!

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Outfit: From an exhibition,  Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Jewelry: Jodhpur& Westside

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It’s festive season in India, with a slew of festivals lined up in the coming weeks,bringing in so much joy and festivity to look forward to! Traditions and Festivals are so deeply embedded in the Indian Cultural heritage, there is no escaping them and dressing up ethnically is so much fun! Since its the season of traditional festivals I decided to do something special for you all- My first ethnic wear post!

There are so many ways one can dress up traditionally in India, owing to the rich cultural diversity across this beautiful nation. Suits are one the most elegant, timeless and practical ways to don ethnic wear in India and this post is about my love for this versatile piece of clothing.

The suit featured in this post is a lovely crepe self print piece in a neutral beige colour. Borrowing a little from the fabulous Pakistani style of designing suits, I decided to pair the top with a flared bottom and a contrast lining throughout for a break in the colour monotony! Also added a pair of bright fuscia Panjabi Juttis for a pop of vibrancy. And the result is for you all to see……







I had so much fun dressing up traditional and coy! I hope you guys liked it too! Let me know in the comments below, how you guys liked this post!

until next time, love