Keep it Classy, Keep it Mid length!

I often struggle with my thoughts about my own life, my own choices and my passion. TBH, I have no clue about what my calling in life is- as in what I am supposed to do with my mind, how am I supposed to apply it and in what direction! And this struggle has made me so chaotic in the head that I am clueless as to where am I headed! I like fashion, but what aspect of fashion, not sure! I like writing as well, speaking as well……but all this does not define my passion. Maybe I am not supposed to have a passion, maybe I am one of those floating kinds, who just don’t get rooted at a spot and probably carry on drifting… you guys feel the same?

Well that was about my state of mind, now to my state of fashion! lol
Soon we shall be entering the wintry phase of our lives, but before that lemme put across a few posts which could not make it to the blog, earlier. My unending love affair with all things summer, with a dash of autumn!
Words of the wise-first!


So here we are polka doting our way into this post!

This gorgeous midi dress has been a favourite as far as I can remember!Has a belt to tie at the back and give the body an hour glass shape! Paired it with burgundy heels in the spirit of autumn fashion and the regality of style is for everyone to see!

Also since the over all look becomes empowering, keep it easy on the make up! I am a big champion of natural looking skin with fresh eyes and lips! Accessorised with bare minimum- just a pair of golden hoops!

So did you like it? This dress is one of my favourite ones, simply because it looks great, feels great and is timeless!! Write back to me your take on it!

Until next time,
love n light!
Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Footwear: Forever 21


Floral Shirts and their Unending Charm!

Howdy! How you all doing? Keeping it awesome, are we?!So it has started to get warm in the days, with a slight nip in the evening air….classic transition from spring to summers! What a beautiful, welcome change from winters!How are you all coping up with your side of the world?

If there is one style/print which DEFINES this transition- its FLORALS! And today I am going to be talking specifically about them! They are charming, feminine, nature oriented and super fresh! Its almost like they grow into your mood and start defining it. You know that feeling when you FEEL floral, rather than just wear it? You get it, right!

But before I show you this lovely floral styling which marks the beginning of my summer soiree….. I have to share something which inspires me, hopin it does the same for you….

I Went Through One Of The Hardest And Worst Situations -

So here is my gorgeous floral spring/summer take, doing wonders for me! Have a look!

This absolutely stunning floral diva from ZARA charmed me no end, when I first saw it! I had to have it! Its a chiffon number with a supple, light feel which almost caresses your body! Paired with simple blue jeans from Zara, I rounded off the look with burgundy pumps from FOREVER 21!

 For once I thought I’d go with a bit of dramatic make up, cuz frankly fresh, minimal touch got a little too much! But you can keep it minimalistic-aly dewy for a day look, since this appears more like an evening style! Bright red, arresting lips and not too heavy on the eyes seemed perfect to me!

Hope it got a thumbs up from you guys!! Write to me if it did!
I shall be back super soon with another piece of my fashion crazy mind!

Until, then

love n light

Navi XX

The Cutest Floral Dress and Leather Jacket Combination Ever!

Hello pretty people! Hows it going? Are you spreading light and sunshine all around you? Are you falling in love with yourself, each passing moment! I wonder why do we even need reminders to do that! I mean, isn’t it painfully natural- loving yourself, being your biggest supporter has to be THE priority in life! I am certainly realising the beauty of being a loving and caring person for my own sake- the joy is unparalleled!!!

So, today’s post is about this most gorgeous (dark) floral dress that is like the star of my closet! And giving it a super tough fight is this beautiful baby pink leather jacket, which is absolutely STUNNING- together, they weave magic! And it is for you guys to see….

But before that, I have decided to share in each post, a unique quote which inspires me/makes me become a better version of my self/motivate me…. I mean you know how it goes! So it shall be our small little tradition to share some beautiful words in every post, starting with this one!


My lovely floral dress and leather jacket are waiting for you to scroll down…c’mon now..

Boots and floral dresses are a match made in heaven! Put on a well fitted leather jacket and you can take on the world!Its the sublimity of the whole look which makes it so powerful!

The dress is from FOREVER 21(they have some super amazing, super affordable collection, if you haven’t checked out already-both in stores and online). The jacket is from a local brand in my hometown Chandigarh, but you do get similar colours and fits from FOREVER 21! The boots are from STEVE MADDEN! You know my make up deal-I like to keep it fresh and minimal, mostly!

Hope you all liked it! Let me know in the comments below!! Until next time,

love n light!

Navi XX

Winter Cold-Shoulder Ways!

Hello my adorable readers! How have you been?! Have you noticed that we are two months into this year… what exactly is the deal? I mean you wake up and half the year has passed! Like really….. who is piloting this super sonic time jet?! SLOW DOWN, WILL YA!!!!

Anyways, I am so so so excited that spring is upon us, which means no more dealing with winters, until maybe a couple of months later. I can handle that! How weirdly are we wired- I mean juts cuz its springtime, I have better moods, I feel strong, I feel energetic and hopeful..Does it happen to you as well?

I am so glad to put the winter gloom behind me!!! But there is one last winter sorta post I want to share with you.. cuz we are still transitioning.. so its like a ‘gliding into spring from winters’ kinda post!

So wat is the deal with cold shoulders in winters/spring? They are HOT!PERIOD!!
I mean you don’t have to make it less sexy, just because the weather says so!Let me show you how…….

The wine/purple cold shoulder top from FOREVER 21 is a beauty! And just perfect for a winter-spring evening! Striped trousers from TOPSHOP, add just the required amount of class to the whole look! And my lovely baby pink babies from ZARA are always welcome for a show off round!!

The complete look in itself, is sweet and classy, so the make up was kept as fresh as possible! Radiant skin, with natural eyes and lips, made it look effortless. Just a bit of indulgence with the accessories! A pair of shiny cobalt blue earrings to give this look a bit of an edge, which otherwise would have been a little too proper! And I don’t do proper, you know me!

So did you like the look? Write to me, if you did! And well write to me, if you did not! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Until next time,

Love n Light!!

Navi XX


Hello my lovely readers! Its been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Trust me, It was a forced hiatus due to various health issues BUT i missed writing to you all! And here I am, with a brand new, sparkling post to take on any mid-week fashion troubles!

So basically, as the title says, a jumpsuit is always, ALWAYS  a good idea. I know,I cannot stop showering praises on this stunning piece of clothing, but no words can ever do justice to its versatility! Since its Autumn/Fall, layering becomes the go-to mantra of fall fashion and this post tell you how to do its stylishly!

Jumpsuit is a fuss free hero! Whenever I am in doubt, I opt for a jumpsuit. Largely supplanted by its comfort value, It makes for a chic style statement. For this particular look, I decided to introduce a bold coloured contrast jacket to compliment my sage printed jumpsuit which I got from FOREVER 21. Deep burgundy lips add just the right amount of oomph to this look!

….and without further ado, scroll down to see how the look turned out to be!






Hope you all enjoyed the look. Let me know in the comments below!!

love & light

xx, Navi!

Lace & Dark Florals = TOUCHE!

There is something mysteriously sexy about Autumns/Falls! With Halloween, fogs  and decidedly unpredictable weather, Autumns have a unique charm to them. Here in India, its the onset of festivities- bright and vibrant times to look forward to!

It is also the time of re-tapping into the potential of dark hues and smoldering contrasts. Its the perfect time to enjoy the duality of nature- summers during daytime and (almost) winters during the night! Its the time to go intense with your style, but not quite! Just like the season, the fashion game is a bit boxed. There is an element of holding back with the style, only to easily slip into the cold-hearted winters! Its the time to be your foxy best, and what better than a combination of LACE  and DARK FLORALS to set the tongues wagging?!

Both lace and dark florals have a seductive appeal to them, which is just right for the fall season. Both of them are sensuous, feminine yet strong style statement packages, which is the reason I decided to flirt with this ravishing lace midi dress from ZARA!

 I’ll show you how………




Happy Festivities you all!!

love and celebrations


dress: ZARA, pumps: FOREVER 21

#zara #forever21


Its amazing how the world of styling picks up hints from the conveniences of everyday life and transforms dressing up. Creativity operates in forms and structures which cannot be curtailed in the scope of imagination alone!

If I have to pick out one piece of clothing which towers above all, it would be JUMPSUITS for me! Fuss free, versatile and super appealing-Jumpsuits are life hacks! And to just think of the many, many ways you can style a Jumpsuit is no joke.

Since Jumpsuits give a relaxed, laid back vibe essentially, I decided to make them a little more formal and assertive by putting together a Jumpsuit and a  SUMMER JACKET. And boy! It does complete justice to the phrase POWER DRESSING!

So the star of this post is a lovely rust maroon printed jumpsuit which I got from my favourite store FOREVER 21( no prizes for guessing this one!). Its a great cotton based summer wear, spaghetti strapped jumpsuit which is so casual, I could literally live in it. To make things a bit more fun and chic, I added a Blush Summer satin jacket, simply b’cuz I adore contrasts! And the result is for you all to see……





Hope you all liked this look. Comment below and let me know your take on it!

See you guys super soon

hugs and kisses