How to Beat the Heat this Summer! *Speaking Stylishly, Of Course*

Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal!Hope you doing great! Making the most of a long, dry sunny spell, are we? First things first, there is no magical way to beat the heat, unless you carry a permanent air conditioning system around you 24*7 or live in the Ice Age! We are simple talking about taking summers head on in a stylish frame of mind- hassle free, chic and effortless!
So are you with me??
Lets get started….

Keeping the tradition alive, sharing a quote/mantra for you to continue being the rockstar you are!

Well, according to me, the best way to stay cool in this dreary weather, when you are forever pining for rains, is wearing comfortable clothes! Trust me, comfort is the first rule of fashion. If you aren’t comfy, it will show right through a million dollar outfit you are wearing! Stay stylish, but not at cost of comfort and this philosophy could not hold more relevance in any other weather than summers!

Well, hot pants/shorts/skorts are your answer to beating the heat this summer! And who says it has to be boring or casual? Dress up like there is no tomorrow! A cutesy lil floral number paired with hot pink hot pants are amped up with muted gold footwear! Is there anything else you need to add to the look? NOPE!

Of course, you can add your charm, personal style and that wonderful smile of yours to it! And trust me, nobody can replicate your magic!

That is all for now! I hope you all liked this fun and flirty way of dressing up! If you did, write to me and if you did not, write to me your suggestions!

Until Next Time,
Love n Light! xx
Top: New Look,  Hot Pants: Local Store,  Footwear: H&M


The Cutest Floral Dress and Leather Jacket Combination Ever!

Hello pretty people! Hows it going? Are you spreading light and sunshine all around you? Are you falling in love with yourself, each passing moment! I wonder why do we even need reminders to do that! I mean, isn’t it painfully natural- loving yourself, being your biggest supporter has to be THE priority in life! I am certainly realising the beauty of being a loving and caring person for my own sake- the joy is unparalleled!!!

So, today’s post is about this most gorgeous (dark) floral dress that is like the star of my closet! And giving it a super tough fight is this beautiful baby pink leather jacket, which is absolutely STUNNING- together, they weave magic! And it is for you guys to see….

But before that, I have decided to share in each post, a unique quote which inspires me/makes me become a better version of my self/motivate me…. I mean you know how it goes! So it shall be our small little tradition to share some beautiful words in every post, starting with this one!


My lovely floral dress and leather jacket are waiting for you to scroll down…c’mon now..

Boots and floral dresses are a match made in heaven! Put on a well fitted leather jacket and you can take on the world!Its the sublimity of the whole look which makes it so powerful!

The dress is from FOREVER 21(they have some super amazing, super affordable collection, if you haven’t checked out already-both in stores and online). The jacket is from a local brand in my hometown Chandigarh, but you do get similar colours and fits from FOREVER 21! The boots are from STEVE MADDEN! You know my make up deal-I like to keep it fresh and minimal, mostly!

Hope you all liked it! Let me know in the comments below!! Until next time,

love n light!

Navi XX

How to Dress Corporate like a Boss!

Hello my sweet people!! This is the longest I’ve been without writing to you all, I guess and trust me I missed writing! So here I am… Back with a fresh idea to sort you out with your dressing woes!

Well, this time happens to be a special case of dressing up for your job! I know,we absolutely cannot generalize dressin-up for work, but trust me there is one foolproof way to dress up for every job ad you just cannot go wrong at it!

So it is a black n white case, but with a dash of exuberance, which will just put the whole idea of dressing up in place……let me show you how!


Who says Black and White has to be boring, specially when you have a lovely, volume sleeves polka dots shirt from H&M at your disposal, shoo-ing off boring, basic white shirts! A sweet little bow detail around the neck makes it even more endearing! Well, a black basic pant can go along with all the party on ‘top’!


What brings absolute sheen to this whole outfit is a pair of muted gold pumps and lovely bright lip colour!Adding bright choices in accessories and make up is the best way to fuel some life into a boring outfit….. and it doesn’t even appear OTT, cuz its done right!

I hope you liked this cute little way of dressing up for work! Let me know in the comments below, what your idea of ‘basic-office-wear-with-a-dash-of-extra’ and then we can all exchange notes!!!

Until next time,

Love n Light!

Navi XX

Top:H&M, Pants: Dorothy Perkins, Pumps:Zara, LipColour:Loreal!

How to wear a Striped Dress in Winters!

Stripes are an all season winner; they look great in summers and just about fabulous in winters! The thing about stripes is they look great on everyone…. and they are absolutely effortless! So keeping in mind how to dress up stripes in winters, I have my own take on it(of course!). Well, you can go ahead and pair a striped jumper with jeans/leggings or maybe a striped turtle neck with a cool leather skirt, you will rock it, I am sure!

What about striped dresses in winters?! Well, I am going to be showing you a super cool pairing of a striped bodycon dress with the right accessories so that you feel stylish and comfortable, all at the same time!

So a basic black and cream bodycon striped dress is the star of this post. Since the basic colour palette is neutral and two toned and could easily become a drag if left on its own, therefore a burst of a vibrancy is a MUST!

The beautiful pink-purple scarf from H&M is a gorgeous piece of accessory to play around with! I mean I have a whole list of clothes to pair it up with and I cannot wait to do so! In case you are not a scarf person, you can pair up the dress with a bright belt or a bold neckpiece!  Also I decided to stick to my Steve Madden brown combat boots to bring about a bit of edginess to my look! Go ahead… bring out your babies and flirt the look with a pair of pumps!!

I hope you liked this look and will write to me about how you’d like to go about using your stripes!!

Until next time,

love and light!

Navi xx

The Perfect Skirt-Sweater Winter Look!

Hello my gorgeous readers and a HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2018 It is and we are already 3 days into a brand new chapter of our lives! Whoa….

How great does this new year look with ultra new dreams and hopes and resolutions! Personally, I am not a resolution kinda person, I believe in taking one day at a time. Planning actually doesn’t work for me so I stick to disappointing myself minimally! But I do dream… and a lot at that… to the point of day dreaming even…..I mean we’re allowed that, isn’t it?! So here’s to a wonderful new chapter in our lives and us making the most of it!

So coming back to the central idea of this post, Skirts and Sweaters! Together! Skirts in winters are Sexy AF!


Aztec Print is a versatile print to work with especially in winters, to brighten up dull days. This Topshop skirt is a super cute one and can be paired with any bright colour!

Red Haute

Red is custom made for winters, trust me! Since my skirt already had a bit of red in it, I decided to go full bloom with a plain red Dorothy Perkins sweater. A bit of black stockings for the sexy winter idea and brown brogues for polishing it off!!

Hope you enjoyed this look! Tell me what is your idea of sweaters and skirts in winters! Have a happy and bright new year ahead!

mazel tov!

Navi xx


How To wear Denim on Denim!

Hello my lovely readers! How are you guys doing? Well, we have hurtled past Christmas and the joyride is nearing New Years! I mean when did we come to this part of the year when its ending and we are back to making resolutions and counting off the resolutions we din’t keep from last year?! Yo get the drift?! Feels like 2017 just flew past, leaving us all a year older and thankfully none wiser! Cuz that gives us all many more opportunities to goof up, do it wrong and take risques and go all out!

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is an option!

Speaking of going all out reminds me of the reason I am writing this post! Denim on Denim- simply put when you don’t want to bother with matching, contrasting and colour-blocking! Easy peasy it sounds-but of course there is so much more to it than what meets the imaginative eye.

The Denim Story

We( I mean our generation) CANNOT do without denims and so we thought why not double the necessity! The best part about wearing denim on denim is that you can experiment like the Einsteins of the world- mix prints with polkas on denim or stay grounded with basic denims. Pair a light coloured denim with a not-light one and so forth…..So basically the denim story has comparatively less drama than other sartorial stories, but there is a catch to it!

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Hello my lovely readers! Its been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Trust me, It was a forced hiatus due to various health issues BUT i missed writing to you all! And here I am, with a brand new, sparkling post to take on any mid-week fashion troubles!

So basically, as the title says, a jumpsuit is always, ALWAYS  a good idea. I know,I cannot stop showering praises on this stunning piece of clothing, but no words can ever do justice to its versatility! Since its Autumn/Fall, layering becomes the go-to mantra of fall fashion and this post tell you how to do its stylishly!

Jumpsuit is a fuss free hero! Whenever I am in doubt, I opt for a jumpsuit. Largely supplanted by its comfort value, It makes for a chic style statement. For this particular look, I decided to introduce a bold coloured contrast jacket to compliment my sage printed jumpsuit which I got from FOREVER 21. Deep burgundy lips add just the right amount of oomph to this look!

….and without further ado, scroll down to see how the look turned out to be!






Hope you all enjoyed the look. Let me know in the comments below!!

love & light

xx, Navi!