Skirting Around Monsoons, Stylishly!

Hullo!Hullo!Hullo! Thats my hello with a hug in it! How you all doing? Having a good time?  Happy to be back and talking to you all. We, in India are enjoying the monsoon spell of rains with unyielding humidity, of course! I have been busy with work, making a life, trying to be optimistic…. well you get the drift! But most of all I have been waiitng to write to you all…..
How many of you feel you are stuck up with something, whereas you belong somewhere else? From what i have realised about myself, I am pretty sure my passion lies with fashion. Speaking about it, thinking about how I can style something…that sort of a thing!Even though I am doing it, I am doing it on a very small scale…

So lets get started with what I like doing best- speaking of a new way in which style matters to me!

Before we begin, we stick to the ritual of sharing something motivational!

So a lovely brown polka dot skirt paired with a beige top would conjur up different things in your imagination-but all great, I believe! So today I am going to be sharing my version of the two!
*Drum rolls Please*


A gorgeous way to dress up for an evening out, brunch or just drinks- this combination is classy! And Chic! And Feminine!

You can of course personalise the look! With wedges and your hair in a pony tail.Maybe braid them or a loose bun would give you that extra oomph, depending upon the occasion! Tremendously versatile, this look is sure to get those coveted ‘wows’ form everyone around you! Plus the colour palette is sober and chic!

Hope you enjoyed this lovely combination! Write to me, leave your comments, send your love!
See you soon!!
Until Next Time
Love n Light!
Navi xx

Top: Dorothy Perkins  Skirt: Zara  Footwear: New Look



Glam Up Desi Style!

Holaa! How you all keeping up? Existing or Enjoying? Well, since i am from India, we are putting up with a harsh, dry summer spell…. But we do have occasional spells of blissful rains, every once in a while! Although monsoon is just around the corner, you know how it feels like waiting for it……

So here I am, back with a new post! Well this one was shot sometime around Diwali(October) last year, but somehow missed posting it! Annnddd it is one of my favourite looks so I am pretty excited to share it with you all! Well its festive, glamorous and stunning!But before we begin, keeping up with the ritual, would love to share a nice, peppy thought with you… so it goes!

Coming back to my dress up post! This one is ethnic, but modern in its style! The colour is quite experimentative, but the over all look just sets it right(make up and accessories, of course)

*Drum Rolls please!!*

So this steel grey suit in itself is quite charming, but adorns a whole new direction when paired with pastel earrings and a nice bright lip colour! Even though the colour leans towards a shade of blue in the pictures, but trust me its more of a greyish-blue colour, with a very simple duppatta and not too heavy kameez!

well, the make up was bright and fresh- no too much work on the eyes, maybe loads of mascara-yes! A nice big red full lip(Mac Ruby Woo is an elixir, trust me)! Pastel jewelry, which I bought from an exhibition and a pair of nice bright red Punjabi Juttis/Mojaris! And you are good to go!

I hope you all liked this ethnic look! If you did, please show your love in the comments!
Till next time
Love n Light!
XX Navi

Winter Cold-Shoulder Ways!

Hello my adorable readers! How have you been?! Have you noticed that we are two months into this year… what exactly is the deal? I mean you wake up and half the year has passed! Like really….. who is piloting this super sonic time jet?! SLOW DOWN, WILL YA!!!!

Anyways, I am so so so excited that spring is upon us, which means no more dealing with winters, until maybe a couple of months later. I can handle that! How weirdly are we wired- I mean juts cuz its springtime, I have better moods, I feel strong, I feel energetic and hopeful..Does it happen to you as well?

I am so glad to put the winter gloom behind me!!! But there is one last winter sorta post I want to share with you.. cuz we are still transitioning.. so its like a ‘gliding into spring from winters’ kinda post!

So wat is the deal with cold shoulders in winters/spring? They are HOT!PERIOD!!
I mean you don’t have to make it less sexy, just because the weather says so!Let me show you how…….

The wine/purple cold shoulder top from FOREVER 21 is a beauty! And just perfect for a winter-spring evening! Striped trousers from TOPSHOP, add just the required amount of class to the whole look! And my lovely baby pink babies from ZARA are always welcome for a show off round!!

The complete look in itself, is sweet and classy, so the make up was kept as fresh as possible! Radiant skin, with natural eyes and lips, made it look effortless. Just a bit of indulgence with the accessories! A pair of shiny cobalt blue earrings to give this look a bit of an edge, which otherwise would have been a little too proper! And I don’t do proper, you know me!

So did you like the look? Write to me, if you did! And well write to me, if you did not! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Until next time,

Love n Light!!

Navi XX

How to Embrace the Bardot!

Hello my beautiful souls!

Before you get all worked up trying to decipher ‘The Bardot’, lemme tell you its just a more proper way of saying ‘off-shoulder’! Now you know 😉

Now off shoulder or as I pretend to be more prim, The Bardot is one of the most sexiest ways of styling up! It lets you flaunt your sexy neckline in the most appealing way possible. It speaks of a woman who is so in control of her appeal and sexuality and yet with its care-free, BOHO vibe, it lets her embrace her wild side! She bares her shoulders to bare her individuality!

So I have put together THREE of my favourites Bardot/Off Shoulder looks for you all.. Keep scrolling to see what they are….





 Wild Child

So I paired this beautiful striped black ZARA Bardot Top with flared rust trousers from DOROTHY PERKINS, just to contrast the whole look( I am BIG fan of contrasts! It lets me play around so much!). And I took the liberty of adding bottle green FOREVER 21 pumps just to push the contrast a bit further!





         Take me back to the 40’s

This lovely Bardot dress from DOROTHY PERKINS is an absolute stunner! I love how its just the perfect fit for a glam night out or a party! I adore how these dull metallic pumps from ZARA liven up the whole look!





 Fresh Flowers

One of my favourite looks. Its so easy to pull off this amazing lace Bardot top from FOREVER 21 with a pair of jeans and ballerinas! Its your go to look for a movie outing or a long drive and even for those special evening drinks!

So I hoped you enjoyed these looks. Let me know through your comments how you liked them!

love xx

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Lets talk about Brunch Fashion!


How are you doin?

Brunches are my therapeutic eating outings. You catch up with your girlfriends, at the most convenient possible time, gossip your heart away, eat to your soul’s fill and dress pretty! You see, its such a win win situation out there. You can exchange notes with your girls on your wardrobe, your styling, the latest shopping sprees, the newest coffee shops, click millions of selfies, post snaps and just be your fashionable, lovely self!

So I have put together 3 different looks for that perfect brunchin’ date with your bestie for you to shine through those lovely Instagram posts! 😉

 Keep scrolling to find out what they are……


                                              Think Pink

     So this over sized  ZARA deep pink Top is a complete piece of style statement in itself. Pair with with leggings, trousers, jeggings or shorts and you are so ready to go! I love the turquoise earrings which sorta set this look in a contrasting canvas. Baby pink pumps are added for subtlety to the look!




                                         Think Stripes

 Stripes are such a versatile area of design. They can make anyone look proper and pretty. This one shoulder blue striped top from KOOVS complements pink pumps and white denims. The make up is subtle with some mascara and soft pink lips to put you in perspective.



                                          Think Florals

Girls and Florals are a match made in designer heaven. You cannot, cannot go wrong with florals on a brunch date. This lovely multi coloured Maxi dress which I got from FOREVER 21( shopping heaven, IKR!) has been paired with a pastel pink summer blazer for an untiringly polished look.




So these were some of my favourite brunch looks. Leave a comment below to let me know how you liked it!

love and love