Keep it Classy, Keep it Mid length!

I often struggle with my thoughts about my own life, my own choices and my passion. TBH, I have no clue about what my calling in life is- as in what I am supposed to do with my mind, how am I supposed to apply it and in what direction! And this struggle has made me so chaotic in the head that I am clueless as to where am I headed! I like fashion, but what aspect of fashion, not sure! I like writing as well, speaking as well……but all this does not define my passion. Maybe I am not supposed to have a passion, maybe I am one of those floating kinds, who just don’t get rooted at a spot and probably carry on drifting… you guys feel the same?

Well that was about my state of mind, now to my state of fashion! lol
Soon we shall be entering the wintry phase of our lives, but before that lemme put across a few posts which could not make it to the blog, earlier. My unending love affair with all things summer, with a dash of autumn!
Words of the wise-first!


So here we are polka doting our way into this post!

This gorgeous midi dress has been a favourite as far as I can remember!Has a belt to tie at the back and give the body an hour glass shape! Paired it with burgundy heels in the spirit of autumn fashion and the regality of style is for everyone to see!

Also since the over all look becomes empowering, keep it easy on the make up! I am a big champion of natural looking skin with fresh eyes and lips! Accessorised with bare minimum- just a pair of golden hoops!

So did you like it? This dress is one of my favourite ones, simply because it looks great, feels great and is timeless!! Write back to me your take on it!

Until next time,
love n light!
Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Footwear: Forever 21


Tangerine is the NEW Black!

Helllooo my beautiful readers!! How are you all? Full of love and zest, I hope!

I have always, always believed that style is a personal force of habit. Emulating the trends blindly is NEVER a good idea. So, that leaves us with the empowring choice of spinning our own personal flavour to whatever is handed down to us in terms of trends.  I mean you are not everybody- You are YOU and that is your biggest strength! Why not use it to set an individualistic style statement, which is unique and personal at the same time!!

Talking about fashion choices, a lot of people comment that MIDI dresses only suit tall girls. Well, I am not a tall girl, neither a short one- I am the in-between kinds. Average height-ed. And I personally feel it is totally unfair to reserve MIDI dresses only for tall girls, when they look just fine on my stature! Just to prove the point, I decided to show you how MIDIS can work for girls my height!( BTW I am around 5’3”)

Speaking about the star of this post, the MIDI dress featured here is a gorgeous tangerine number from DORTHY PERKINS, which I sourced from an online portal called JABONG. Pro tip:Pairing tangerine/orange with gold is a rock solid idea, hence the muted gold pumps from ZARA!

Come, have a look……









So do you agree with me on MIDIS suiting us(not so tall) girls just fine?! Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, stay fabulous!!