Some Yellow to make your Heart all Mellow!

Hola!! How you lovely people doing? Jumping straight into the post today, I think yellow is my new favourite, I am just so bowled over the charm this bright, beautiful color brings into your personality. A lot of people might not agree with me, but trust me I have has some fabulous results with the colour. I would suggest, in case you feel a little overpowered by this colour, keep it styled to the minimum. I mean dont go all fancy and overboard with it, by pairing it with other colours, try and neutralise it with a pastel colour, bare minimum make up and perhaps light accessories. But showing it  is better than saying it! So c’mom let me show you how spectacular yellow can look!

Our mantra- one beautiful thought from me to you!


So here we go! The Yellow Mellow way of dressing up! Keep in mind, its totally, totally upto you to let colours define you or your personality! You can define them instead!



So this cute as a button yellow dress with tiered detailing at the bottom is full sleeved and flared!It has a boat neck structure, with a tie up front. So all in all a WINNER!As always the versatility of any clothing piece depends upon how you want to style it.


Well I decided to stay fun and sporty with the look. Paired with dull gold loafers which helped me take off the overpowering vibe of the dress, plus dull gold and yellow is magical together! Fresh dewy skin with simple hoops for jewellery- I am good to take on the world! Are you?

Well, Well! I hope you changed your mind about yellow and will be more warm towards it the future, maybe?
Until Next time!
Love n Light
Navi xx

Dress: H&M,    Footwear:H&M


Lace & Dark Florals = TOUCHE!

There is something mysteriously sexy about Autumns/Falls! With Halloween, fogs  and decidedly unpredictable weather, Autumns have a unique charm to them. Here in India, its the onset of festivities- bright and vibrant times to look forward to!

It is also the time of re-tapping into the potential of dark hues and smoldering contrasts. Its the perfect time to enjoy the duality of nature- summers during daytime and (almost) winters during the night! Its the time to go intense with your style, but not quite! Just like the season, the fashion game is a bit boxed. There is an element of holding back with the style, only to easily slip into the cold-hearted winters! Its the time to be your foxy best, and what better than a combination of LACE  and DARK FLORALS to set the tongues wagging?!

Both lace and dark florals have a seductive appeal to them, which is just right for the fall season. Both of them are sensuous, feminine yet strong style statement packages, which is the reason I decided to flirt with this ravishing lace midi dress from ZARA!

 I’ll show you how………




Happy Festivities you all!!

love and celebrations


dress: ZARA, pumps: FOREVER 21

#zara #forever21