The EverGreen Sweater-Jeans Combination for Winters

A smart fitting sweater and jeans combination can literally soar up your style quotient any time of the day in Winters. And bonus for picking up a lovely bright colour!  I know for some people it is out-rightly hard to dress up fancy in winters, given that the comfort level goes a bit snazzy because of all the cold, but even a simple sweater-jeans look can work wonders if done right.

Now there are a few cardinal rules of putting together a sweater- jeans look, not different from other rules of fitting. If you plan on wearing a loose, baggy sweater- for the love of style sense pair it up with skinny jeans or jeggings! Baggy does not get along with another baggy! Whereas If you plan on wearing a well fitted sweater, you have the absolute authority to pair it up with skinny jeans, jeggings and bottom flared trousers or even palazzos! There you go….. You know the trick, right!

So without further ado, let me show you the neat trick of doing sweaters and jeans together….

A bright red sweater from Dorothy Perkins and a washed out blue jeans with pearl embellishment gave me the ultimate winter fashion goals. The Contrast Colours bring out the best in each other and give an over-all vibrancy to the entire look.

You can go easy on the accessories and maybe experiment by topping the look with a Trilby hat and baby pink pumps(which BTW are a steal from Zara). I think the purple Forever 21 trilby looks absolutely sensational for a brunch/lunch date!


Hoping you’ll take pointers from the look and go on to slay the sweater-jeans look!

Until Next Time,

Mazel Tov!

Navi xx


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