How to Stay on Top of the Winter Fashion Game!

M I the only one bored of winters and the continuous wave of cold or its time to form an I HATE WINTERS club, officially?! The longer I think about it, the more I pine for summers. Since I cannot make time move fast, I thought of the next best thing to brighten my mood!

When you have the power to dress pretty, you can take on anything in the world!- Yours Truly!

So instead of coping up with the dull,drab weather, lets make it a happy one by adding some sparkling dose of energy to it. And I am pretty sure you agree with me on the power of dressing up in exciting colours to instantly uplift your spirits. Of course you feel great when you dress up great! So why not channelize the beauty of dressing up to sail through this dreary weather!

I got bored of doing the sweater, jackets and shrugs routine so I thought I shall spruce up my feed by turning a bit ethnic for this post. Now, Now…. I know comfort is of primary importance in the cold, harsh winters but ask yourself- every once in a while, sacrificing comfort for a dash of glamour has always worked in your favour, hasn’t it?! Well, now is one of those times, when you ditch the snugly layers of wool and come out sparkling and all shiny!

I am not a big fan of ethnic wear, but if its done right, nothing compares to the wonder of it. I picked up two lovely, bright colours- (ink blue and lemon yellow) for this post, which complement each other immensely. The suit fabric is some form of silk, with a bit of sheen to it. The duppatta is a self print spun fabric. Lets see what the entire look, looks like…..

I paired the suit with a simple off white embroidered punjabi jutti and a sweet pair of silver jhumkas(earrings) with a hint of turquoise details in them! And well I cudn’t decide whether to tie my hair or let it run wild!

I hope this post made your day a bit bright! Write to me and tell me how you’d brighten your days by dressing up!!

Until Next Time,

Love and Light!

Navi xx



How to wear a Striped Dress in Winters!

Stripes are an all season winner; they look great in summers and just about fabulous in winters! The thing about stripes is they look great on everyone…. and they are absolutely effortless! So keeping in mind how to dress up stripes in winters, I have my own take on it(of course!). Well, you can go ahead and pair a striped jumper with jeans/leggings or maybe a striped turtle neck with a cool leather skirt, you will rock it, I am sure!

What about striped dresses in winters?! Well, I am going to be showing you a super cool pairing of a striped bodycon dress with the right accessories so that you feel stylish and comfortable, all at the same time!

So a basic black and cream bodycon striped dress is the star of this post. Since the basic colour palette is neutral and two toned and could easily become a drag if left on its own, therefore a burst of a vibrancy is a MUST!

The beautiful pink-purple scarf from H&M is a gorgeous piece of accessory to play around with! I mean I have a whole list of clothes to pair it up with and I cannot wait to do so! In case you are not a scarf person, you can pair up the dress with a bright belt or a bold neckpiece!  Also I decided to stick to my Steve Madden brown combat boots to bring about a bit of edginess to my look! Go ahead… bring out your babies and flirt the look with a pair of pumps!!

I hope you liked this look and will write to me about how you’d like to go about using your stripes!!

Until next time,

love and light!

Navi xx

The EverGreen Sweater-Jeans Combination for Winters

A smart fitting sweater and jeans combination can literally soar up your style quotient any time of the day in Winters. And bonus for picking up a lovely bright colour!  I know for some people it is out-rightly hard to dress up fancy in winters, given that the comfort level goes a bit snazzy because of all the cold, but even a simple sweater-jeans look can work wonders if done right.

Now there are a few cardinal rules of putting together a sweater- jeans look, not different from other rules of fitting. If you plan on wearing a loose, baggy sweater- for the love of style sense pair it up with skinny jeans or jeggings! Baggy does not get along with another baggy! Whereas If you plan on wearing a well fitted sweater, you have the absolute authority to pair it up with skinny jeans, jeggings and bottom flared trousers or even palazzos! There you go….. You know the trick, right!

So without further ado, let me show you the neat trick of doing sweaters and jeans together….

A bright red sweater from Dorothy Perkins and a washed out blue jeans with pearl embellishment gave me the ultimate winter fashion goals. The Contrast Colours bring out the best in each other and give an over-all vibrancy to the entire look.

You can go easy on the accessories and maybe experiment by topping the look with a Trilby hat and baby pink pumps(which BTW are a steal from Zara). I think the purple Forever 21 trilby looks absolutely sensational for a brunch/lunch date!


Hoping you’ll take pointers from the look and go on to slay the sweater-jeans look!

Until Next Time,

Mazel Tov!

Navi xx

The Magic of Leather Jackets in Winters

Like the last few dregs of coffee, when you really begin to enjoy it- the last few days of winters are giving way to spring! Right when you start appreciating the comfort and warmth of the winter essentials, its time to part with them……. Its time to slowly shake the inevitable summer beneath the overbearing yet good-hearted winter!

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John SteinbeckTravels with Charley: In Search of America

Before we step into the sublime spring stilletoes, lets raise a toast to the last few enchanting sips of winters through the terrific leather jackets!


Winter Staple!

A Leather Jacket is a polished, suave and classic way of embracing winter fashion. It lends a certain androgyny to the way one dresses up. plus a leather jacket is a great, great investment to keep away the winter dullness in your style sense.

Personal Style Statement

If there is a winter style staple which is versatile AF, it is a black leather jacket. I mean with no offense to the other colours-black in winters is totally god sent! Case in point-my look for this post is as simple as it can get! Plain white T, Soft blue jeans,Brown Boots, a bright lippy, a black leather jacket and tons of attitude!

Be Bold. Be experimental!

Now, figuring out your personal style isn’t exactly rocket science. You put it on and you are comfortable and you like it in the mirror-VOILA! Go ahead, wear your jacket with a sexy lace dress or a flared tweed skirt or the way I did! But own up this amazin’ piece of clothing and make it yours!


I hope you guys bend some fashion rules with your leather jackets and make yourself proud!

Next time,

Mazel Tov!

Navi xx

The Perfect Skirt-Sweater Winter Look!

Hello my gorgeous readers and a HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2018 It is and we are already 3 days into a brand new chapter of our lives! Whoa….

How great does this new year look with ultra new dreams and hopes and resolutions! Personally, I am not a resolution kinda person, I believe in taking one day at a time. Planning actually doesn’t work for me so I stick to disappointing myself minimally! But I do dream… and a lot at that… to the point of day dreaming even…..I mean we’re allowed that, isn’t it?! So here’s to a wonderful new chapter in our lives and us making the most of it!

So coming back to the central idea of this post, Skirts and Sweaters! Together! Skirts in winters are Sexy AF!


Aztec Print is a versatile print to work with especially in winters, to brighten up dull days. This Topshop skirt is a super cute one and can be paired with any bright colour!

Red Haute

Red is custom made for winters, trust me! Since my skirt already had a bit of red in it, I decided to go full bloom with a plain red Dorothy Perkins sweater. A bit of black stockings for the sexy winter idea and brown brogues for polishing it off!!

Hope you enjoyed this look! Tell me what is your idea of sweaters and skirts in winters! Have a happy and bright new year ahead!

mazel tov!

Navi xx