How To wear Denim on Denim!

Hello my lovely readers! How are you guys doing? Well, we have hurtled past Christmas and the joyride is nearing New Years! I mean when did we come to this part of the year when its ending and we are back to making resolutions and counting off the resolutions we din’t keep from last year?! Yo get the drift?! Feels like 2017 just flew past, leaving us all a year older and thankfully none wiser! Cuz that gives us all many more opportunities to goof up, do it wrong and take risques and go all out!

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is an option!

Speaking of going all out reminds me of the reason I am writing this post! Denim on Denim- simply put when you don’t want to bother with matching, contrasting and colour-blocking! Easy peasy it sounds-but of course there is so much more to it than what meets the imaginative eye.

The Denim Story

We( I mean our generation) CANNOT do without denims and so we thought why not double the necessity! The best part about wearing denim on denim is that you can experiment like the Einsteins of the world- mix prints with polkas on denim or stay grounded with basic denims. Pair a light coloured denim with a not-light one and so forth…..So basically the denim story has comparatively less drama than other sartorial stories, but there is a catch to it!


One Fit for ALL!

So the catch lies with the fittings. As with other fabrics and styles, the cardinal rule of dressing up denim with denim says- Wear a fitted shirt with flared denims and vice versa. Also you can opt for fitted shirt/top with skinny fitted jeans as I did. But flare on flare is a NO NO! Nope, you cannot end up looking like a balloon for all our sakes!

Red Alert.

Since my look was borderline fitted( the shirt I have to admit shirks from the fitting category), I decided to go retro on my lips. I mean Denims and red lips is equal to who dares to ignore you! And I had to keep something neutral…so why not my footwear. These babies I am wearing are the prettiest nude stilettos from Dorothy Perkins!

Hope you liked this look! Tell me in the comments below, how differently would you have done this look?

Happy Holidays!

Navi xx


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