How to Create the perfect Winter Party look!

Hello you wonderful people! I hope you are keeping it classy and fabulous, as always even in winters! Lets show the weather, whose the boss!!

Speaking of winter weather problems, I know a lot of people who find it really puzzling to dress up for winter parties. Obviously the cold is unforgiving and you’d rather stay at home in your pajamas, tucked in the coziness of your bed, than going letting your wild side out! But fret not, my friends…. I have a lovely little insight into how you can dress up just the right way to stun on those hallowed nights, with everyone asking you for notes on winter party dressing!

Bold is Beautiful!

So first of… you have gotta be brave- in every sense of the word. Taking a powerful enemy(in this case the weather) requires you to take drastic measures. Normally people like to dress comfy, which is alright by me if I am going to a slumber party. Duh! But you gotta feel sexy and stylish and more importantly powerful enough to bring yourself to the party and yes- dressing well is power play!

Sexy in Winters translates to SuperSexy!

My perfect Winter Party look is all about being playful and stylishly sexy. Something which which feels sublimely powerful! Put together a nice black(universally flattering!) sweater with a sweet button-down printed Mini with boots to announce your arrival!


Dash of Accessories

There are plenty of ways you can accessorize this lovely look…… and I decided to throw in a bit of Indian surprise in the form of metallic jhumkis(danglers) to add freshness to the whole look!

I hope this you liked this cute winter party look! I had a blast putting together(my happiness in written all over my face!). Let me know in the comments below.

Mazel Tov!

Navi xx