The Subtle Art of Layerin’

Hello my beautiful readers! Enjoying your days in the warm winter sun?! Meanwhile I have been busy dressing up for the wedding season,which BTW is on its peak in this side of the country. I know I should be writing about that too…well later, maybe?

So winters is mostly about layering, right?!  I mean you’ve got truckloads of warm vests, sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts and jackets and scarfs and you still feel cold! But nevertheless you pile on in hope of that one snuggly feeling, down there hidden beneath those multiple layers and still want to look like a million bucks?! Fret not, layering isn’t rocket science- it’s a beautiful art of bringing together independent pieces from your wardrobe and make it work like a team! More like a Mood Board of sorts!

My post today is not an entirely winter-esque idea, its more of an Autumn-leading-to-winter-mornings-kinda sensibility. I have this lovely, lovely multi-coloured long, front buttoned shrug(can also be used as Maxi dress on occasions.. YAYYY!!) which I probably bought from an online store in China, on a whim! So this shrug turned out to be just the right idea for a layering post. Keeping the rest of my look simple, singular coloured, I’ll show you how I worked around with this shrug. Of course, I threw in a bit of colour through my shoes, like always, cuz why not!

So come one, lets have a look at what I have for you guys……..







Hope you guys enjoyed this look! Let me know how you liked it through your comments!

Un till next time…..

love and luck!




Black Ganji: Zara,  Jeans: Zara,  Pumps: Forever 21, Neckpiece: Vero Moda

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