Festive Dramatic Flair!

Hello you beautiful people! How are you doing?  Keeping up with the festive tradition off late,  I realised that traditional does not have to necessarily mean ethnic Indian clothes. Traditional can be beautiful portrayed through anything which feels special and celebratory. Moreover, breaking the monotony every once in a while infuses fresh life into the art of dressing up.

For the more experimental kinds, this post would make absolute sense. Since I am a particular species of the out of box thinking kinds, I decided to pair up a neutral full volume skirt with a contrast bardot crop top for this look. The voluminous skirt adds drama to the look, while the sleek off-shoulder bardot top lends the desired sophistication. And since I’ve made it more than evident from all my previous posts, I am a sucker for contrasts, I added bottle green pumps to quench my thirst for colours!!

Without further ado, Let me show you my contemporary meets festive spin!





I enjoyed this look so much, I couldn’t help twirling in it all the time…Hope you all are thinking of making the most of this festive season with innumerable joys and kindness.

Love and Light!


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