It’s festive season in India, with a slew of festivals lined up in the coming weeks,bringing in so much joy and festivity to look forward to! Traditions and Festivals are so deeply embedded in the Indian Cultural heritage, there is no escaping them and dressing up ethnically is so much fun! Since its the season of traditional festivals I decided to do something special for you all- My first ethnic wear post!

There are so many ways one can dress up traditionally in India, owing to the rich cultural diversity across this beautiful nation. Suits are one the most elegant, timeless and practical ways to don ethnic wear in India and this post is about my love for this versatile piece of clothing.

The suit featured in this post is a lovely crepe self print piece in a neutral beige colour. Borrowing a little from the fabulous Pakistani style of designing suits, I decided to pair the top with a flared bottom and a contrast lining throughout for a break in the colour monotony! Also added a pair of bright fuscia Panjabi Juttis for a pop of vibrancy. And the result is for you all to see……







I had so much fun dressing up traditional and coy! I hope you guys liked it too! Let me know in the comments below, how you guys liked this post!

until next time, love




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14 thoughts on “LET’S SUIT UP!

  1. thanks for posting this flavour.i have in my closet the cloth same as your but thought what design i should continue with.loved your stitched attire now from shelve in my mom wardrobe .thnks for your idea once again to use dumped clothe. memories of good days of our life.

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