Lace & Dark Florals = TOUCHE!

There is something mysteriously sexy about Autumns/Falls! With Halloween, fogs  and decidedly unpredictable weather, Autumns have a unique charm to them. Here in India, its the onset of festivities- bright and vibrant times to look forward to!

It is also the time of re-tapping into the potential of dark hues and smoldering contrasts. Its the perfect time to enjoy the duality of nature- summers during daytime and (almost) winters during the night! Its the time to go intense with your style, but not quite! Just like the season, the fashion game is a bit boxed. There is an element of holding back with the style, only to easily slip into the cold-hearted winters! Its the time to be your foxy best, and what better than a combination of LACE  and DARK FLORALS to set the tongues wagging?!

Both lace and dark florals have a seductive appeal to them, which is just right for the fall season. Both of them are sensuous, feminine yet strong style statement packages, which is the reason I decided to flirt with this ravishing lace midi dress from ZARA!

 I’ll show you how………




Happy Festivities you all!!

love and celebrations


dress: ZARA, pumps: FOREVER 21

#zara #forever21