Its amazing how the world of styling picks up hints from the conveniences of everyday life and transforms dressing up. Creativity operates in forms and structures which cannot be curtailed in the scope of imagination alone!

If I have to pick out one piece of clothing which towers above all, it would be JUMPSUITS for me! Fuss free, versatile and super appealing-Jumpsuits are life hacks! And to just think of the many, many ways you can style a Jumpsuit is no joke.

Since Jumpsuits give a relaxed, laid back vibe essentially, I decided to make them a little more formal and assertive by putting together a Jumpsuit and a  SUMMER JACKET. And boy! It does complete justice to the phrase POWER DRESSING!

So the star of this post is a lovely rust maroon printed jumpsuit which I got from my favourite store FOREVER 21( no prizes for guessing this one!). Its a great cotton based summer wear, spaghetti strapped jumpsuit which is so casual, I could literally live in it. To make things a bit more fun and chic, I added a Blush Summer satin jacket, simply b’cuz I adore contrasts! And the result is for you all to see……





Hope you all liked this look. Comment below and let me know your take on it!

See you guys super soon

hugs and kisses