That GO-TO BLUE Number!

Hey you all amazing people! The weather in this part of the Northern Hemisphere is slowly beginning to show the Autumn Colours! (Fall for my friends in the US) The rich delicacy of the Autumn winds is brewing with full gusto, and yet we are caught right in the middle. You know, when its summers in the mornings and (almost) winters in the evenings! Talk about beautiful contradictions!

Well the weather aside, I am going to be talking about this beautiful Cobalt Blue Dress that I happened to purchase online a couple of years backs, yet it still freshens my looks, no matter how many times I wear it! A lovely DOROTHY PERKINS made, this calf length dress is a perfect fit, with a beautiful neckline. Its a great option for a business meeting, brunch date or evening drinks and the colour is absolutely flattering!

So as always, let me take you through the look one by one…….. Come on in….








See you soon my lovelies!!

Stay happy and in Love


#dorothyperkins #zara


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