Kiss me Hard before you go…. Summertime Sadness!

Helllooo Lovelies! Hows your sunday comin along? Are doing something fun or are you taking a backseat and letting the universe do the talking?

Well I am definitely not relying on the universe to get on with my next post. I mean when you gotta post, you gotta post!

So this one post I have been meaning to bring to you guys since ages, but somehow I think now is the right time to talk about it, just when the last dregs of summer are giving way to the autumn wilderness!

Speaking of summer specials, this season I developed a rather striking taste for the CITRINE HUES.  I am officially a fan! What a pretty range of colours!




So in this post I am going to speak about this sexy little citrus dress which I got from FOREVER 21 and I haven’t stopped gushing about it ever since! You don’t believe me? Have a look……




This strappy satin citrus FOREVER 21 dress is an ease to carry off! Its not clingy and gives you just the right amount of sex appeal to personalise it! I paired this dress with my muted gold ZARA pumps for a subtle look. You can go bold by pairing it up with  tangerine or burgandy or even bottle green!  Trust me the colour is a treat to the eyes!!







Hope you enjoyed the look as much as I did! Lemme know in the comments below how you feel about it!



Dress: FOREVER 21, Pumps: Zara

#forever21 #zara