How to Ace Prints together!

Most of us like to take it easy when pairing two prints together. I know the idea of putting together two different prints sounds chaotic and overbearing, but it necessarily doesn’t have to be so! Print on Print is such a versatile way of dressing up- I mean you can show off two of your favourite prints in one go… ( if that isn’t incredible, I don’t know what is!)

So to give you all a fair idea for starters, I have decided to address this issue head on. One doesn’t need to be as scared of prints you know! There are certain looks which look great when done together. For instance Polkas and Stripes look lovely together and so do Florals and Polkas. For that matter even Stripes and Polkas work very well together!

For this post I went with something slightly different yet basic! See for yourself….




Checks and Stripes

Pairing checks and stripes is the most non-fussy way to wear print on print. Also it goes a long way to say that this combination is a classic. Since my pairing was grounded in a dark zone, I decided to brighten the look with Burgundy Pumps from FOREVER 21 and a mysteriously vibed burgundy lippy!




Hope you all liked my take on the print/print look! Let me know in the comments below..

lov n light



Top: Local store, Pants: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Forever 21

#forever21 #dorothyperkins