Kiss Me Polka!

There is nothing a healthy dose of Polkas cannot fix! Today I am going to be talking about how refreshingly charming wearing polka dots can be! I am pretty sure each one of us has worn some version of it at some point or the other. With me, the obsession flatly refuses to die down!

Polkas scream merry, happy-go-lucky- young vibes! They also speak class when done classily! Of course, they are retro, all things nice and fun. I believe its a super stylish tribute to the 60’s

FUN FACT: Polka dots were traditionally used in the clothing of flamenco dancers and performers! Howzzat!!




This navy cold shoulder polka dress is a lovely purchase. Navy, so like Black is such a flattering colour; it looks great on everybody! For this look, I decided to go all contrast-y with tangerine pumps from DORORTHY PERKINS!






Tell me your Polka dots stories in the comments below!


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