An Ode to Autumn Dressing!

As we transition from the bright and blooming summers to warm and fuzzy winter fashion choices in the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn blues catch us unawares! The weather is at its moody best- end of summer-ish days infused with the beginning of wintery tales! You gotta be kiddin’ me with the fluctuations!

All said and done, This beautiful Autumn/Fall season has its own unique earthiness, which prepares you for the times to come. If you’ve swayed in the summer sun, its time to come back to the planet. For some strange reason, Autumn invokes an implausible melancholy which demands drastic measures to overcome it! And what better than dressing up to beat the strangeness of cosmos!

Without further ado, I present my transition/ beat the Autumn blues look for y’all!




 This FOREVER 21 Maroon Romper is just the perfect fit! The color is absolutely enchanting for an evening out or for a laid back Autumn brunch- either ways it stands out. For this look, I have paired this Romper with burgundy FOREVER 21 heels and an off white studded statement neckpiece to give this look a surprising edge!




 Hope you all enjoyed the look. Tell me in the comments below how you liked it!

much love