Fashion Favourites!

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! Relaxing, unwinding…doing your favourite things or even better- not doing anything at all!

Inspiration comes in many forms. It could be a beautiful, profound thought that you just read off someone’s Instagram post(happens to me a lott!) or it could just be a warm smile from a stranger that brightens your day, instantly! Little things go a long way in making you a better person, each day.

Being a fashion blogger, I have to keep my eyes open to the most minutest details around me to derive motivation from! I come across so many things, people and moments which fill my heart with so much joy and imagination, that it becomes absolutely necessary to share the elation with you all!

So I am going to share with you all, through a number of posts- everything that inspires the fashionista in me!



Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian-Canadian Actress, who shot to fame with the sitcom THE VAMPIRE DIARIES(TVD). I have been a huge fan of her personality and styling sense since TVD days and I can only say it with utmost conviction that her style has gone on to become exceedingly amazing ever since! Her style(as decoded by yours truly) has been subtly glamourous, feminine and uber chic, which strongly plays around her toned body and delicate natural features. Even when Nina decides to go dramatic with her style, it just becomes an extension of her personality- to me that is the ultimate flair!

So I am sharing a few of my absolute favourite Nina looks… Keep scrolling and find out what makes her so stylish!











Isn’t she Divine?

Comment below to tell who your fashion inspiration is and god knows, if we agree on it, I might just put them next!

love and happiness