The Knight of Sartorial Elegance!

Hello everyone!! How you doing?

Diving head first into the post, without any ado today. I am here to talk about this beautiful, versatile piece of clothing which manages to wash away all my blues, whenever I am in a fix over what to wear. You know those days, when you open your closet and you stare into the blacks of nothingness?! Those times when in spite of a closet full of random clothes, choice offers no respite and you groan at the misery of having to look for the perfect piece to wear? When minutes melt into hours and days of searching for “what should I wear dilemmas”! I know, I know…We have all been to that sartorial abyss infinite times. Worry not my lovelies, for I have found just the perfect contender to put you out of your misery and confusion. It is what I call the Knight of Sartorial Elegance!

(Drum Rolls please…….. ta-dum-ta dum ta-dum!!!)

JUMPSUITS……. Ladies and Gentlemen…. This multifaceted, multi-talented, flexible all rounder beauty of an attire! I am here to sweep you off your charms with this amazing invention called the Jumpsuit! In all honesty, Jumpsuits are such saviors.  I mean, look at this-which garment gives you the flexibility of trousers and a top, all put together? Its twice the amount of awesomeness. Look at it this way- It gives you the same elegance as a dress would give, but also gives you the security and comfort of trousers! What more can one ask for, really! It is such a put together look that can never go wrong(except if you want it to go wrong…with all the over accessorising and ill fits, you know what I  mean!).

Of course,I shall give you a few tips on how to channelise that inner diva in a jumpsuit. So here they are:

  1. Look for jumpsuits with the proportional placing of the seams. If the seam is placed way too many inches above your navel, it’ll end up looking super ill-fitted. Now if the seam is placed way below the navel, the form will end up looking baggy. So the trick to a well fitted jumpsuit is the seam-which should be placed slightly above the navel for the perfect fit.
  2. With flowy bottomed jumpsuits, make sure that the maximum length is up till the ankles for a more consummate look.
  3. Also to add more grace to a flowy bottomed jumpsuit, wear heels. For a pant like jumpsuit, both heels and flats can work absolutely right!
  4. PLEASE make sure you follow the cardinal rule of accessorising, with either statement earrings or necklaces-never both!

Of course, You can work your way around the Jumpsuit to create looks depending upon the time of the day and occasion. I prefer flats and minimal make up/accessories for a well polished day look and well- there is no stopping for an evening one! What a beauty it is to live in times where you can experiment and personalise fashion! Bring it on people!

So Scroll down to see my Tryst with Jumpsuits. Let me know what are your thoughts on it.

Happy Reading lovelies!

love and sunshine