Some Like it HOT!

Hello my beautiful readers! How are you all doing?

The weather in this beautiful kaleidoscope of a place called India has shunted on from summer heat to monsoon rains. One moment its hot and humid and the very next its pouring cats and their better halves! Its an everyday struggle against frizzy hair and chapped skin! The pouring Indian monsoon has many facets! The rains with their unsurpassable prowess fuel the monsoon fire with water and greens all around you. Its that time of the year when all living beings-humans, plants, birds and animals seem to be in some karmic unison to celebrate fertility and abundance! Oh! What a joy to be living through such cosmic moments!!

On a completely unrelated note, this post is about the power and elan of the color black! Widely regarded as a favorite amongst the inhabitants of planet earth, it is the go-to color for everyone, everywhere! Black is not a color, its an emotion! A powerful connection with the universe, black is the language of silence and stillness. It conveys so much by itself that it doesn’t require anything else. Black is strength and flamboyance. It is the coming together of all energies. Black is the body language of the cosmos!

The beauty of black is evident in the way it speaks to you. It absolves all irregularities and envelopes all body types. Black gives you the power to accept the way you are! All your body- type, wardrobe -doubts and personality-issues related queries are answered by this single mammoth entity.This is precisely the reason, so many, many people feel for the color black!

To me, the color black speaks glamour and eclat! I am yet to come across another color( with the slight exception of Burgundy) which does so much for me by just being itself! When in doubt, I wear black… so needless to say it evokes a super strong sense of confidence and vitality in me, which no other color does! I am a big fan!

So stay on to find out my all black take on dressing up(or down, you decide). I have taken the liberty to add a dash of color to paint my black dressing canvas, so excuse me! You can write to me about your experiences with black and how you prefer it! But guys, seriously give it up for this single piece of awesomeness, which in spite of  being black, colors our lives each time!

Cuz, you don’t wear black, Black wears you!!

until next time,

love, happiness and chocolate