3 Colour Block ideas for the Vibrant One!

Hello loves!

Oh! What would life be without Colour? Vibrant, rich hues that add sparkle to your soul every now and then! I am big digger of colours of all sorts. I mean I have my momemts with the blacks and whites but I live for colours! Rich Reds and perfect pinks, yummy yellows and blazing blues……. Glowing greens and pretty purples, I can go and on with adoring them!

So I decided to explore pitting colours against each other for this post. Colour Blocking is THE styling idea for you, if you are a big fan of experimenting with colours and just can’t get enough of them!

So my lovely readers, keep scrolling for the 3 Colour Blocking looks that I have put together for you all……







Red and Baby Blue! Sparkling from the word go! I paired my red bell sleeved top with baby blue pants from ZARA , with muted gold ballerinas from DOROTHY PERKINS. Smokey eyes and Nude lips and I am good to go!






Love these Blush pants from FOREVER 21 ,which are so versatile-they can be paired with so many colours! For this look I decided to put my bottle green DOROTHY PERKINS top to bring out the best in both the colours! Needless to say, I loved it!






This vine ESPRIT satin blouse is so dreamy and gives a super regal look on its own. I chanced upon this ruffled hem pale pink skirt lying absolutely ignored in my closet( talk about the flip side of having wayy too many clothes!) and decided to shimmy it a bit by pairing it with vine blouse. Trust me, I am still marveling at the results! 😉

I hope you liked these combinations. Do write me, or leave your comments below about how you feel!

hugs & kisses


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How to Embrace the Bardot!

Hello my beautiful souls!

Before you get all worked up trying to decipher ‘The Bardot’, lemme tell you its just a more proper way of saying ‘off-shoulder’! Now you know 😉

Now off shoulder or as I pretend to be more prim, The Bardot is one of the most sexiest ways of styling up! It lets you flaunt your sexy neckline in the most appealing way possible. It speaks of a woman who is so in control of her appeal and sexuality and yet with its care-free, BOHO vibe, it lets her embrace her wild side! She bares her shoulders to bare her individuality!

So I have put together THREE of my favourites Bardot/Off Shoulder looks for you all.. Keep scrolling to see what they are….





 Wild Child

So I paired this beautiful striped black ZARA Bardot Top with flared rust trousers from DOROTHY PERKINS, just to contrast the whole look( I am BIG fan of contrasts! It lets me play around so much!). And I took the liberty of adding bottle green FOREVER 21 pumps just to push the contrast a bit further!





         Take me back to the 40’s

This lovely Bardot dress from DOROTHY PERKINS is an absolute stunner! I love how its just the perfect fit for a glam night out or a party! I adore how these dull metallic pumps from ZARA liven up the whole look!





 Fresh Flowers

One of my favourite looks. Its so easy to pull off this amazing lace Bardot top from FOREVER 21 with a pair of jeans and ballerinas! Its your go to look for a movie outing or a long drive and even for those special evening drinks!

So I hoped you enjoyed these looks. Let me know through your comments how you liked them!

love xx

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Lets talk about Brunch Fashion!


How are you doin?

Brunches are my therapeutic eating outings. You catch up with your girlfriends, at the most convenient possible time, gossip your heart away, eat to your soul’s fill and dress pretty! You see, its such a win win situation out there. You can exchange notes with your girls on your wardrobe, your styling, the latest shopping sprees, the newest coffee shops, click millions of selfies, post snaps and just be your fashionable, lovely self!

So I have put together 3 different looks for that perfect brunchin’ date with your bestie for you to shine through those lovely Instagram posts! 😉

 Keep scrolling to find out what they are……


                                              Think Pink

     So this over sized  ZARA deep pink Top is a complete piece of style statement in itself. Pair with with leggings, trousers, jeggings or shorts and you are so ready to go! I love the turquoise earrings which sorta set this look in a contrasting canvas. Baby pink pumps are added for subtlety to the look!




                                         Think Stripes

 Stripes are such a versatile area of design. They can make anyone look proper and pretty. This one shoulder blue striped top from KOOVS complements pink pumps and white denims. The make up is subtle with some mascara and soft pink lips to put you in perspective.



                                          Think Florals

Girls and Florals are a match made in designer heaven. You cannot, cannot go wrong with florals on a brunch date. This lovely multi coloured Maxi dress which I got from FOREVER 21( shopping heaven, IKR!) has been paired with a pastel pink summer blazer for an untiringly polished look.




So these were some of my favourite brunch looks. Leave a comment below to let me know how you liked it!

love and love


The Knight of Sartorial Elegance!

Hello everyone!! How you doing?

Diving head first into the post, without any ado today. I am here to talk about this beautiful, versatile piece of clothing which manages to wash away all my blues, whenever I am in a fix over what to wear. You know those days, when you open your closet and you stare into the blacks of nothingness?! Those times when in spite of a closet full of random clothes, choice offers no respite and you groan at the misery of having to look for the perfect piece to wear? When minutes melt into hours and days of searching for “what should I wear dilemmas”! I know, I know…We have all been to that sartorial abyss infinite times. Worry not my lovelies, for I have found just the perfect contender to put you out of your misery and confusion. It is what I call the Knight of Sartorial Elegance!

(Drum Rolls please…….. ta-dum-ta dum ta-dum!!!)

JUMPSUITS……. Ladies and Gentlemen…. This multifaceted, multi-talented, flexible all rounder beauty of an attire! I am here to sweep you off your charms with this amazing invention called the Jumpsuit! In all honesty, Jumpsuits are such saviors.  I mean, look at this-which garment gives you the flexibility of trousers and a top, all put together? Its twice the amount of awesomeness. Look at it this way- It gives you the same elegance as a dress would give, but also gives you the security and comfort of trousers! What more can one ask for, really! It is such a put together look that can never go wrong(except if you want it to go wrong…with all the over accessorising and ill fits, you know what I  mean!).

Of course,I shall give you a few tips on how to channelise that inner diva in a jumpsuit. So here they are:

  1. Look for jumpsuits with the proportional placing of the seams. If the seam is placed way too many inches above your navel, it’ll end up looking super ill-fitted. Now if the seam is placed way below the navel, the form will end up looking baggy. So the trick to a well fitted jumpsuit is the seam-which should be placed slightly above the navel for the perfect fit.
  2. With flowy bottomed jumpsuits, make sure that the maximum length is up till the ankles for a more consummate look.
  3. Also to add more grace to a flowy bottomed jumpsuit, wear heels. For a pant like jumpsuit, both heels and flats can work absolutely right!
  4. PLEASE make sure you follow the cardinal rule of accessorising, with either statement earrings or necklaces-never both!

Of course, You can work your way around the Jumpsuit to create looks depending upon the time of the day and occasion. I prefer flats and minimal make up/accessories for a well polished day look and well- there is no stopping for an evening one! What a beauty it is to live in times where you can experiment and personalise fashion! Bring it on people!

So Scroll down to see my Tryst with Jumpsuits. Let me know what are your thoughts on it.

Happy Reading lovelies!

love and sunshine









Some Like it HOT!

Hello my beautiful readers! How are you all doing?

The weather in this beautiful kaleidoscope of a place called India has shunted on from summer heat to monsoon rains. One moment its hot and humid and the very next its pouring cats and their better halves! Its an everyday struggle against frizzy hair and chapped skin! The pouring Indian monsoon has many facets! The rains with their unsurpassable prowess fuel the monsoon fire with water and greens all around you. Its that time of the year when all living beings-humans, plants, birds and animals seem to be in some karmic unison to celebrate fertility and abundance! Oh! What a joy to be living through such cosmic moments!!

On a completely unrelated note, this post is about the power and elan of the color black! Widely regarded as a favorite amongst the inhabitants of planet earth, it is the go-to color for everyone, everywhere! Black is not a color, its an emotion! A powerful connection with the universe, black is the language of silence and stillness. It conveys so much by itself that it doesn’t require anything else. Black is strength and flamboyance. It is the coming together of all energies. Black is the body language of the cosmos!

The beauty of black is evident in the way it speaks to you. It absolves all irregularities and envelopes all body types. Black gives you the power to accept the way you are! All your body- type, wardrobe -doubts and personality-issues related queries are answered by this single mammoth entity.This is precisely the reason, so many, many people feel for the color black!

To me, the color black speaks glamour and eclat! I am yet to come across another color( with the slight exception of Burgundy) which does so much for me by just being itself! When in doubt, I wear black… so needless to say it evokes a super strong sense of confidence and vitality in me, which no other color does! I am a big fan!

So stay on to find out my all black take on dressing up(or down, you decide). I have taken the liberty to add a dash of color to paint my black dressing canvas, so excuse me! You can write to me about your experiences with black and how you prefer it! But guys, seriously give it up for this single piece of awesomeness, which in spite of  being black, colors our lives each time!

Cuz, you don’t wear black, Black wears you!!

until next time,

love, happiness and chocolate







City Lights!

Hello my beautiful readers! Hope you’re all doing well and fabulous for yourselves!

Are you sitting back waiting for life to happen or are you happening to life? Either ways, I hope you are dressing well for this crazy party called LIFE!

My post today is based around the idea of  ‘an -evening- out-kinda-dressing-up’. Most of us are busy with jobs we are stuck with, mostly living out of uniform kinda days. So this gives us more reasons to celebrate those moments of joy which we steal from our days amidst the dullness. Some people fancy decking up when they go out, which is completely alright since its a personal choice( TIP NO 1), but these days its all about keeping a balance(TIP NO 2). If the choice of attire is loud, then it needs to be played down in terms of make up and accessories and vice versa!( So basically that is TIP NO 3 &4)

I completely and wholeheartedly support the idea that style is a matter of personal preference and should not be ‘aped’ to create something which does not feel like natural. By that extension, I would like to say that I try to portray looks which I feel look good on me and there is a chance that it might not score well with you. But, through these looks, I tryto create spaces of fashion dialogue between me and you, where you must feel free to tweak these looks as per your style.

I am a big, BIG fan of colors! and even more of combining different palettes. Its such an amazing feeling to reach out to different color platters and see how they come together to create magic! The looks that I have put together for this post are so far my favorites, for the simple reason that are experimentative yet classy!( You’ll know what I am talkin’ about!)

I do like to accessorize my outfits, but normally if the outfit is a vocal style statement, I let it do the talking. There are certain cuts , styles and fabrics which will flatter certain people more than the others, so again it comes down to the personal style angle. In the same breath, I’d like to say this loud and clear to you all, that no one, I repeat NO ONE has the authority over your body and personality so DO NOT let anyone dictate you, your style terms. I am pretty sure that spending those gazillions of hours in front of the mirror haven’t gone waste, so be your own style guru!

Here is to empowered, mighty ,beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and colors! We are all unique and that is where the real strength lies!!!

Next time,