Stop and Smell the Rose- II

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? We are all cruising along this one hell of a ride called life and just when you think you are surfing it like a pro..BAMMM!! It plunges you deep down! That is the beauty of it…. its full of unimaginable surprises. With its unmatched scope for catching you off guard in all its brilliance, Life feels like a canvas which can be drenched in the colors of strength and hope!!There are moments of unfathomable despair followed by instants of undiminished faith and in between all of this, tugging at that little corner of your heart is the essence of dream and instinct.

If I had to pick up one living quality which makes us divine, over and above everything, it’ll be instinct. The knack to feel something in all its surreality, to connect with your creator for a seraphic moment of decision and precision towers above everything else. Too long, we have relied on our instincts to create and savor happiness and yet we find it challenging now to allow ourselves this beautiful, fleeting feeling. We have ceased to be instinctive!

So when I decided to write this post and the one before this, I allowed my instincts to take over. I told myself that every once in a while, I need to Stop and Smell the Rose. With life, with relationships, with my choices and as with my style. The choice of picking up Maxi dresses as a blog post came to me instinctively in the sense of luxury this piece of clothing offers me with its draping and styling. It gives me the freedom to embrace my body beneath the very restriction it caters to. The freedom of being is instinctive, fantastic and far more precious than anything else. And how unreal it seems that a piece of clothing can allow you a feeling, a sensation which holds so much human value in it!

Without further ado, I give you the sense of completion of my instinctual style trip which the beloved Maxi Dresses. This half of the trip is centered in the beauty of the night, which to put in simply is …”How to Maxi dress up for an evening out!” Lol.

Cheers to spirit of being instinctive and following it!!

until next time,

love & peace