Stop and Smell the Rose.

Hello my beautiful readers!

Hope you are in the best of health and spirit! You know, how I always like to begin my posts with a bit of a soul talk, because that sorta makes me feel grounded and connected with you all. It is ,as if I am having a one on one conversation with each one of you! So I guess we are in a happy space that ways!

And now onto more specific things- such as the weather and its equivalent of dressing up? The desolate summer heat has given way to the vivacious monsoons in India. I am honestly amazed and humbled, to have been living in one of the most dynamic corners of the world The climatic sweep that this beautiful country experiences is truly unique. Just when you think, there is no end to the sultry Indian summer,Lo- the abundant monsoons come knocking at your doors!

So, along with the fables of fresh air and wanderings of the nurturing waters, the monsoons also bring humidity and the inherent mugginess. To put an end to the monsoon misery, I have the ultimate liberator..

(drum rolls please!!!!)


Maxi dresses are your best friends, saviors, humble blessings and man-Fridays, in the monsoons! Trust me when I say, they are versatile, efficient, jaunty and interesting. They can be dressed up or down, depending upon your mood and the occasion! Hence, to celebrate the productivity and of course the loyalty (cuz maxi dresses look good on everyone) of this humble piece of clothing( ┬ácuz they don’t even speak up, when they are being misused as a night gown) I am dedicating this post, as well as the next one to these beauties!!! Also, this post is basically dealing with the whole ‘daytime Maxi dress styling’.




So, my lovely readers, I know you’ll be fighting the weather, the society and your inner demons, but that does not mean you don’t live it up! Once in a while, take time to Stop and Smell the Rose!

until next time,

love and live BIG!