A Mid Summer Night’s Dream- II

HOLAA my precious readers!

Hope you are all living it up in style and spirit!!

My last post was all about childhood memories and nostalgia and of course, the feelings are so varied and wide that one post does not do justice to the gamut of emotions that swirl around me whenever I choose to reflect upon them.

I would naturally want to explain the connection between these memories and dressing up to thematize these posts. So, I’ve always experienced some strong emotional connect with my surroundings and my memory when I dress up a certain way. It could just be a rush of emotions that cling on to you every time you put on a certain perfume or a pair of shoes. I believe that experiencing emotions is a karmatic process which could be triggered by anything or anyone you feel closely connected to, and hence for me the idea of clothes and the way I style them creates associations and sentiments.

My childhood is my happy place( and i am sure for you as well), its my treasure trove of uninhabited happiness. It seeks out to me as much I seek out to it!

This post, like the one before this, is a reflection of my sentiments associated with my childhood dreams. They live in me creating hope, love and magic whenever I reach out to them!!

Take a back seat and enjoy the memory of your own glorious years through my eyes!

Happy reading.

love xx