A Mid Summer Night’s Dream- I

Hello my beautiful readers!

How wonderful it is to be alive and savoring the joy of love, compassion and hope, all around. Not everyday is beautiful, but one must find beauty in the little moments everyday. It nourishes the soul!

To some people food gives joy, to others maybe music does. For me the idea that I can transform my mood, my personality, my aura with just dressing up accordingly, gives me the paramount bliss. This particular post is about the nostalgia of childhood fantasies and the joys of untamed imagination. As a kid, you are devoid of any prejudices, its the time of innocence,  frolic and celebrations. There is something utterly delightful and special about the dreams you weave in your childhood which have the capacity to warm your hearts every time you think about them.

This post is about the colors of creativity and the fascination of  fancy! Put together through two posts, I take you back to my way of seeing my childhood dreams!

Bring out your coloring pens and lets charm the world!

Stay with me, until the next time

Magic, Happiness & Love to one and all…