A lot like Pretty Summer Dressing.

Hola people!

Hows life treating you all? Hope you are doing fabulously well in this beauty of a journey called life and even if you aren’t, that stubborn little heart of yours refuses to give up on the hope of beautiful days ahead!

What makes life fancy is the fact that you can choose to dress beautiful everyday, anyday and see the power it has to bring a smile to your soul! Summer is the season to experiment, go wild, take chances, wander, create magic and feel the power of sunshine in all its glory. Summer is the season to forget about the winter blues, to fulfill the promise of the spring and to look autumn in the eye and embrace it!

Summer is the reason to dress pretty! Dancing to tune of your heart, you let your steps skip a beat, you color your imagination with the oranges of the sky and greens of the earth, with blues of the water and yellows of those distant dreams!

Summer is the reason I decided to pull out my dresses and put together a few of my favourite looks to show you how wonderful it is to sing to the tune of your heart!

So, dream on this beautiful summer and let it wash away the scars of your soul!

Until next time!

love xxIMG_6632