The Girl in the White Shirt!

Hello People!

While looking for ideas for my second post, I rummaged through my wardrobe for a eureka moment. Anddddd sure I had one! My favorite white shirt stared from that long forgotten corner. How could I ever forget it? And while it stared at me with those bleached milky eyes, I decided to give it a chance.. well many chances!

Staple is such a limited idea associated with white shirts. They are so much more than that damn restricted word. You can pair them up with denims and stilettos and a bright lippy for that ‘oh-that-Diva’ look or you can go ahead and be all ethnic with some desi jewellery and flared bright bottoms for that ‘Desi Mem’ kind of vibe….you choose!

Even Better, you can scroll down for my versions of The Girl in the White Shirt!

So go ahead, let your basic instincts do the talking!!!