The Chronicles of Colored Pants

Hello People!

Since this is my first blog, I bring you color,style,classy and chic-all rolled in one!

The onset of the Great Indian Summer can be quite dreary. One fears for his/her life in the wake of tans and sunburns. Plus, the deliberate avoiding of clothes becomes a perpetual habit. Wearing of pants/trousers/denims becomes a hassle.

But my lovelies, you still gotta hold it together and stay stylish. To add color and drama to the insipid summers, I present The Chronicles of Colored Pants!!!

I’ve put together a few looks with various colored trousers to give you all ideas to sail through the boredom!!

IMG_5070.JPG IMG_5083.JPGIMG_5082.JPGIMG_5066.JPGIMG_5090.JPGIMG_5062.JPG

Hope you enjoyed it!

Until Next time!

Love xx